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“Noooooooo! I don’t wanna go to school”

You and me both, kid.

After a long weekend – no pre-school/daycare/work since 3pm last Wednesday – Monday morning proved to be a bit difficult.  First of all, last night I stayed up waaaaaaay past my bedtime last night so getting out of bed this morning was challenging.

I made it to work eventually, and parking was actually not a nightmare.  On to saving the world one experiment at a time.

It’s fun to hear everyone’s thanksgiving stories. So far, I have heard the stomach flu story, the drunken husband story, the no-turkey thanksgiving story and the black friday shopping story. I must say, my Thanksgiving weekend was pretty uneventful in light of what others had going on.

Today I want to accomplish a few things: Shop cyber monday deals (christmas gifts for the kids/hubby/in-laws) – jcpenney, gymboree, macy’s, oldnavy and target all have great deals today; do some key experiments; do something nice for the hubby; clear out my email inbox.

PS: I also hope to get out the christmas decorations. I LOVE that it is officially christmas season. I intend to enjoy every single day of it 🙂

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“Daddy is not a tool”

No, Daddy is not one of Handy Manny’s tools. But my 3 year old felt the need to clarify this for me. Daddy (aka my husband) is also not a “tool”. He’s cool. And he’s a kind and generous person. And he loves me. All very untool-like qualities.

This leads me to wonder…Does a tool know that they’re a tool? And can they change? Is it a behaviour thing or a personality thing? Deep thoughts for a Sunday evening.

Instead of these “deep” thoughts, here’s what I need to get done tonight: feed the children (not the charity, MY children. Although sometimes I wish someone else would feed my children), then it’s bath time and bed time (an hour-long process), then I have to pick up a few thousand legos strewn about the house, then prepare for work/pre-school/daycare tomorrow…

Off I go!

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