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“I don’t want the veggies on it!”

Lunchtime wars.

Today it was over pasta with meat sauce and diced tomatoes. Big T picked every bit of tomato and ground beef off each piece of bowtie pasta before he ate it. All the while complaining about the “vejzhies” on it.

At least he pronounces it all sophisticated. “Vejzhies”. Like he’s French or something. One day…one day…he will learn to love them, right?


I also have a love/hate relationship with veggies. I know they are good for me, and most taste great when done right. But it is so much easier to be lazy. I am hoping my New Year’s Resolution of eating more veggies will stick this time. And hopefully lead to other good things like drinking more water, exercising more, losing 15 pounds, working harder on my experiments, discovering the cure for AIDS…

Ok, so I got ahead of myself there. But you know what they say…One good habit leads to another…

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“I want noodles and sausage”

Yep. An odd combination. Ramen noodles and breakfast sausage. But Big T loves it. I try not to use the seasoning packets that comes with the ramen…instead I use chicken broth. For the record, I DO NOT like ramen noodles. Never have. Not even when I was in college (everyone seemed to like it then). I just wish Big T would actually eat some of the things I make.

I have been doing a lot of cooking lately. I made deviled eggs the other day. They were delicious.

Then I made shrimp pasta salad. mmmmm.

But my most recent food kick is butternut squash. How come nobody told me about this veggie? It is delicious. I had some at the in-laws on Christmas day. yummmmmm. I will be trying some things with squash in the days to come 🙂


“Are we done with Christmas?”

I was taking down the stockings and garland when Big T asked me this


I guess we are done with the official celebrations, but really, I should celebrate in my heart all year long. Carry the Christmas spirit with me all the time. The spirit of love, joy and peace.

Last night, I went grocery shopping. ALONE. I got a coffee from dunkin donuts, got my new ipod loaded with music, and cruised the aisles for an hour. By myself. I was doing a chore, I know…but it was the best time I had all day. Why was the day so bad? Well, I had another mishap with my stupid piece-of-crap-bad-luck car. While backing out of my parking space in our snow and ice covered unplowed lot, I sliiiiiid into the car behind me. That car had nary a scratch on it. My stupid piece-of-crap-bad-luck car is broken to pieces. A piece actually broke off the rear bumper and fell off.

I am SO done. I am getting another car ASAP. One that can handle the winter around here. 

Love, joy and peace. Love, joy and peace…


“Go sit in time-out”

Yep, I got put in time-out last night by Big T.

Mr. T had made some sort of smart-alecky comment to me last night and I threw a foam block at him. Big T saw me throwing toys (a big No-No) so I had to sit in time-out on the steps. I kept talking to Mr. T while in time-out , and I was reminded “No talking, you’re in time-out”

Finally (3-ish minutes later) he let me go, and proceeded to ask me “do you know why you were in time-out?”

And I said (sheepishly) “because I threw the block”

And Big T responded “Well…you can open my treat now”

How does this even work? I get time-out, and he gets a treat?

hahahaha. It was cute. and an eerie reenactment of how things go around here.

My only regret is that I did not get enough time in time-out. The rule of thumb is 1 minute for every year.  As a thirty year-old, I am entitled to 30 minutes of peace and quiet by myself. Uh, I meant to say…I deserve to be punished for 30 minutes in time-out.

I only got 3 minutes. Oh well.

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“Did I just say that out loud?”

I cracked up big time when Big T said that. I don’t even remember what he was talking about, but it was such a grown-up reaction he had. It reminded me of myself.

Ever said something out loud you know everyone else was thinking, but noone was bold enough or stupid enough to say anything? Yeah, that was usually me.  I would just say it. I didn’t think I was being mean or anything. In fact I’m pretty sure I was humorous and light. Just calling it like I saw it. But in a nice, friendly way.

Or so I thought.

Let’s just say it didn’t go over so well. 

I have since learned that speaking one’s mind may not be is probably not the way to go. And now I am working on being less outspoken, and being more “tactful” (i.e. telling folks what they want to hear). Trust me, it keeps the peace. OK, fine. So I had a bad experience. That should not stop me from being me. But I do have to be nice and I have to make an effort to uplift others not just point out their idiosyncracies. Afterall, we all have them.

So today, I am home with the kids. No preschool/daycare this week. Hopefully we can do more than just watch TV all day.


“Can I come with you, Daddy?”

Have I mentioned that Big T is Daddy’s boy? He needs to be in the same room as Mr. T all.the.time. The boy is seriously attached to his dad. I should be that attached to my Heavenly Father. Yes, I’m talking about God. I don’t always long to be in His presence. I don’t always long to be about His business.

That said…

Church today was great. We were late…as usual. And we missed the singing (praise/worship) part of the service. I hate to miss that part. bleh. Honestly, we just need to get our butts in gear and get out the door on time.

Church was particularly good because many our friends that no longer live in the area were home for the holidays, and were in church today. It was great fun catching up with old friends.

 The teaching was relevant too. It was a good (and timely) reminder that God’s promises to us never fail, and that he always has our best interests at heart. Sometimes I get lost in the details of my everyday crazy life, and it becomes difficult to see the Big Picture.

Ah, but God is faithful. Even when I am not. Even when I take him for granted, and kick him out of my life. (Kinda like how Big T treats me sometimes). God is ALWAYS faithful.

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“We need to talk about my presents”

Christmas is not about the presents. At least this is what we are trying to teach Big T. I reminded him constantly that “we are celebrating Jesus’ birthday”. However, he was still captivated by the prospect of all the gifts. I admit, I enjoy opening presents too.

so… a few highlights of Christmas Season

1) Big T and Little T made out like Bandits! They both LOVED opening their presents. Of course, Little T was most interested in Big T’s new toys. That and the wrapping/boxes. He hardly even looked at any of the stuff bought specifically for him.

After they opened all their presents:

The aftermath

2) Mr T’s gifts to me were AWESOME!!! Dell inspiron mini (more blogging, yay!); 8GB ipod touch. Gifts from other family members were not so awesome. I kind of felt like an afterthought actually. Happens pretty much every year. Whatever. My Mr. T is a sweetie and more than makes up for all that. One thing though, Mr T is AWFUL at wrapping gifts. A blind person would do a better job. Seriously. Check it:

Mr T's wrapping skills


We made delicious coconut cupcakes

cocnut cupcakes


and I got an uuuuuuuugly shrek-head cookie jar at my lab gift exchange. Big T neeeded to have a pic of Shrek-head and Lightning McQueen:

 Shrek head

all in all, it was a good time 🙂

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Blog business

SO I’m toying with the idea of having some recurrent sections in the blog

A)Daily dish – recipes and other domestically inclined things. probably weekly. I try to be domestic, but I am not quite that domestic.

B)Science re-cap – re-cap of news/groundbreaking research in the world of bomedical research. weekly, or maybe twice monthly. It’ll be fun.

C) favorite things. You now, like Letterman’s top 10 list, only cooler and more relevant.


And to kick off favorites…here’s a list of my top 5 favorite radio songs. You know, the type of song you hit when you’re radio-surfing, and you just have to crank it up…or it comes on the radio in your car just when you pull into your destination, and you sit in your parked car and listen to whole song…

5) Strawberry Wine – Deanna Carter

4) Hotel California – The Eagles

3) Always Be My Baby – Mariah Carey

2) Nightshift – The Commodores

1) Walking in Memphis – Marc Cohn


Thanks to those who have been faithfully reading so far. Expect more pictures, and more fun updates in the future!!! Happy Listening!!


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