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“Turn your voice down”


I am not proud of this particular parenting habit, but tonight it was totally justified. Big T (my pre-schooler) ran away from me in the parking lot of their school. In a parking lot. In the dark. And it was raining too. My frantic yelling made him cry. And then he told me to turn my voice down.

At dinner, Big T picked all the peas and carrots out of his food and put them on Little T’s tray. He tried to do it on the sly but I caught him. I think Little T ate them. At least somebody ate veggies tonight.

It has been a whiny evening. I can’t wait for bedtime.

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“That’s not the moon, that’s a circle”

We had a full moon last night. A big, beautiful, bright full moon. Since the moon wasn’t its typical “moon-shaped” semi-circle, my poor little boy was all confused. So, yesterday in his world, there was no moon. Just a big weird circle in the sky.

Ohhhhh…today is shaping up to be awesome in so many ways. I gave a practice talk to my lab first thing this morning. I will be presenting my research data at an International Conference in less than a week. The practice itself was sub-awesome, but it is still a work in progress. It will be perfect by next Wednesday. Also, I may have figured out a way for the hubby to go on said International Conference with me. Trying not to get too excited in case it does not work out. But I am crossing every finger and toe in my body, and saying extra prayers that it does work out. 

Now the big news – A lot of my excitement today stems from the positive conversation I had with The Boss. The Boss has upgraded my authorship status on the paper we will be submitting next week. I will now be a co- first author!! This is SUPERB news. If the paper gets accepted (like we think it will – we are on our third revision) this may propel me into super-stardom. After all, we are talking about high-impact research in a high-impact journal. OK, not really super-stardom, but it will be a massive boost to may CV, and may make it that much easier to find a job when the time comes.

*doing a happy dance (on the inside)*

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