Said Big T as he climbed all over the furniture in the doctor’s waiting room. EW.

He had to go in today to have his tummy checked out – he’d been complaining of pain on and off. Anyway, long story short, Doc thinks he might be lactose intolerant. This plus peanut allergy (we think). Awesome, no?

The office managers processing my paperwork at the doctor’s office were beyond RUDE. They passed my paperwork back and forth – “you do it”, “no, you do it I’m busy” – while I stood right in front of them waiting. This continued until a supervisor intervened and said “somebody needs to attend to this lady right now!” I could not believe it. I would have said they treated me this way cause I’m black but one of the ladies was black too. Unbelievable lack of customer service. I should file a complaint.

All the while, Little T was being extremely quiet in his carseat, watching his brother’s antics and probably wishing he could be that free too. Big T kept touching the clinic exit door, and finally, I said (in my meanest, I mean business, don’t try me Mommy Voice) “do not touch that door

To which he replied “Can I touch it?”

Me: “No”

Big T: “Can I push it?”

Me: “No”

Big T: “Can I pull it?”

Me: “No, and stop asking about the door!”