Big T has been asking for a particular toy race car, and we told him that maybe we would give it to him as a Christmas present. Since then, he has been asking several times a day “Is it Christmas?” Not yet, honey. Guess this is a good opportunity to teach him that Christmas is not all about the gifts.

My weekends are generally spent catching up on life – laundry, grocery shopping, meal planning, and of course, some social events have to be thrown in. This weekend is particularly stressful, since I will be leaving for International Conference on Tuesday and I won’t be back till Saturday. This means everything has to be in order for whoever is taking care of the kids. I am going to miss my babies, but I recognize that this is an opportunity¬† I cannot pass up – the location is AMAZING (it is at a swanky resort), I will be giving a talk (great chance to impress people in the field), and hopefully I will get a chance to meet leaders in the field (who knows, this might lead to future job opportunities).

Anyone with ideas on how to help the little ones deal with my absence will be greatly appreciated. Actually, maybe OUR absence, since we are trying to get Mr T as a guest at the International Conference. Like I said – SWANKY RESORT!!

Trying not to stress out over everything I still need to accomplish before leaving.…

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