Big T was being a little bratty this morning. (Is it bad to call your own kid bratty? He really was being a pill). Yelling, demanding things, throwing tantrums. I offered him time-out and he said no, thank you. And that seemed to curb his misbehaviour. It was just one of those mornings.

Staying home today. Little T still has a fever and I suspect he will be staying home tomorrow.

Ever have one of those days where you are just TIRED? Well, I just had 3 of them in a row. I am not sure why I feel so worn out. Physically AND mentally. I literally cannot keep my eyes open beyond 10pm. And now, I am completely stressing out because my “I won’t be at work today, my child is sick” email to The Boss was unanswered. Does she think I am slacking off? Is she pissed I am missing a day of work? Usually I get a response along the lines of “I hope he is better soon, take as much time as you need.” This time nothing. ugh. This plus debating whether Little T actually has to go to the hospital has me mentally stressed. Today I am a good mother, but it seems I am a bad employee. That’s how it goes. 🙁

Feel better little one!

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