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“Can I come with you, Daddy?”

Have I mentioned that Big T is Daddy’s boy? He needs to be in the same room as Mr. T all.the.time. The boy is seriously attached to his dad. I should be that attached to my Heavenly Father. Yes, I’m talking about God. I don’t always long to be in His presence. I don’t always long to be about His business.

That said…

Church today was great. We were late…as usual. And we missed the singing (praise/worship) part of the service. I hate to miss that part. bleh. Honestly, we just need to get our butts in gear and get out the door on time.

Church was particularly good because many our friends that no longer live in the area were home for the holidays, and were in church today. It was great fun catching up with old friends.

 The teaching was relevant too. It was a good (and timely) reminder that God’s promises to us never fail, and that he always has our best interests at heart. Sometimes I get lost in the details of my everyday crazy life, and it becomes difficult to see the Big Picture.

Ah, but God is faithful. Even when I am not. Even when I take him for granted, and kick him out of my life. (Kinda like how Big T treats me sometimes). God is ALWAYS faithful.

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“We need to talk about my presents”

Christmas is not about the presents. At least this is what we are trying to teach Big T. I reminded him constantly that “we are celebrating Jesus’ birthday”. However, he was still captivated by the prospect of all the gifts. I admit, I enjoy opening presents too.

so… a few highlights of Christmas Season

1) Big T and Little T made out like Bandits! They both LOVED opening their presents. Of course, Little T was most interested in Big T’s new toys. That and the wrapping/boxes. He hardly even looked at any of the stuff bought specifically for him.

After they opened all their presents:

The aftermath

2) Mr T’s gifts to me were AWESOME!!! Dell inspiron mini (more blogging, yay!); 8GB ipod touch. Gifts from other family members were not so awesome. I kind of felt like an afterthought actually. Happens pretty much every year. Whatever. My Mr. T is a sweetie and more than makes up for all that. One thing though, Mr T is AWFUL at wrapping gifts. A blind person would do a better job. Seriously. Check it:

Mr T's wrapping skills


We made delicious coconut cupcakes

cocnut cupcakes


and I got an uuuuuuuugly shrek-head cookie jar at my lab gift exchange. Big T neeeded to have a pic of Shrek-head and Lightning McQueen:

 Shrek head

all in all, it was a good time 🙂

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