I cracked up big time when Big T said that. I don’t even remember what he was talking about, but it was such a grown-up reaction he had. It reminded me of myself.

Ever said something out loud you know everyone else was thinking, but noone was bold enough or stupid enough to say anything? Yeah, that was usually me.  I would just say it. I didn’t think I was being mean or anything. In fact I’m pretty sure I was humorous and light. Just calling it like I saw it. But in a nice, friendly way.

Or so I thought.

Let’s just say it didn’t go over so well. 

I have since learned that speaking one’s mind may not be is probably not the way to go. And now I am working on being less outspoken, and being more “tactful” (i.e. telling folks what they want to hear). Trust me, it keeps the peace. OK, fine. So I had a bad experience. That should not stop me from being me. But I do have to be nice and I have to make an effort to uplift others not just point out their idiosyncracies. Afterall, we all have them.

So today, I am home with the kids. No preschool/daycare this week. Hopefully we can do more than just watch TV all day.