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“I want noodles and sausage”

Yep. An odd combination. Ramen noodles and breakfast sausage. But Big T loves it. I try not to use the seasoning packets that comes with the ramen…instead I use chicken broth. For the record, I DO NOT like ramen noodles. Never have. Not even when I was in college (everyone seemed to like it then). I just wish Big T would actually eat some of the things I make.

I have been doing a lot of cooking lately. I made deviled eggs the other day. They were delicious.

Then I made shrimp pasta salad. mmmmm.

But my most recent food kick is butternut squash. How come nobody told me about this veggie? It is delicious. I had some at the in-laws on Christmas day. yummmmmm. I will be trying some things with squash in the days to come 🙂


“Are we done with Christmas?”

I was taking down the stockings and garland when Big T asked me this


I guess we are done with the official celebrations, but really, I should celebrate in my heart all year long. Carry the Christmas spirit with me all the time. The spirit of love, joy and peace.

Last night, I went grocery shopping. ALONE. I got a coffee from dunkin donuts, got my new ipod loaded with music, and cruised the aisles for an hour. By myself. I was doing a chore, I know…but it was the best time I had all day. Why was the day so bad? Well, I had another mishap with my stupid piece-of-crap-bad-luck car. While backing out of my parking space in our snow and ice covered unplowed lot, I sliiiiiid into the car behind me. That car had nary a scratch on it. My stupid piece-of-crap-bad-luck car is broken to pieces. A piece actually broke off the rear bumper and fell off.

I am SO done. I am getting another car ASAP. One that can handle the winter around here. 

Love, joy and peace. Love, joy and peace…


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