Lunchtime wars.

Today it was over pasta with meat sauce and diced tomatoes. Big T picked every bit of tomato and ground beef off each piece of bowtie pasta before he ate it. All the while complaining about the “vejzhies” on it.

At least he pronounces it all sophisticated. “Vejzhies”. Like he’s French or something. One day…one day…he will learn to love them, right?


I also have a love/hate relationship with veggies. I know they are good for me, and most taste great when done right. But it is so much easier to be lazy. I am hoping my New Year’s Resolution of eating more veggies will stick this time. And hopefully lead to other good things like drinking more water, exercising more, losing 15 pounds, working harder on my experiments, discovering the cure for AIDS…

Ok, so I got ahead of myself there. But you know what they say…One good habit leads to another…

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