“…and the boys’ Mom is going to work, and the boys’ Dad will pick them up from school and they will go home and watch a movie.”

This morning Big T gave me an outline of how the day was going to go. In third person. It was so cute to hear him refer to himself and his brother in third person. The movie part probably won’t happen…not on a weeknight… but the rest of it was pretty much spot on. Mr T is going to pick them up today, and they will go home, have dinner etc…

 Big T LOVES it when Mr T picks them up from daycare/pre-school. Sometimes, when I pick up, he tells me “I don’t want to go home with you”. Then I have to promise “well Daddy’s home, do you want to go home to see Daddy?” Only then will he come with me.

In the midst of all this mundane-ness…all this ordinary, predictable living…I cannot stop thinking about the people of Haiti. They are probably wishing for their ordinary, predictable, mundane lives. I continue to pray for them. This morning’s aftershocks probably struck terror in their hearts afresh. It is just heartbreaking. Whenever I am home in the evening…making dinner, feeding the baby, doing laundry, I keep imagining how many mothers and wives in Haiti were doing the very same things when the earthquake struck. Just going about their lives…and the next moment, everything is destroyed. How many little boys and little girls are never going to go to school again?

I just pray for them…for peace, for hope, and for the strength to rebuild.

If you are the praying kind, please pray! If you can, please donate…it is easier than ever…just a text message!