I remember when I was a kid, and hi-tech electronic devices were not only too complicated for us to use independently, they were also strictly off-limits. Oh how the times have changed. I am pretty sure Big T knows how to use the iphone and the ipod better than I do. He’s not even 4 yet. He know what can and cannot be done on the ipod. He knows that one can watch movies on the computer OR on the TV OR on the phone. He thinks all screens are touch screens. I don’t think he is smarter that all the other kids out there. It’s just what he’s used to and what he’s surrounded by. Since Mr T is a tech junkie, how can his children not be tech junkies? *sigh*

On the other hand, Me, I’m the opposite of high-tech. I am going way old-school today. Little T is still under the weather, and I am home today. Since he is so fussy, I have resorted to baby-wearing. African style. We have 4 different slings/baby carriers in this house. All with buckles and straps and stretchy fabric. But when push comes to shove, I carry my baby on my back with a single piece of cotton fabric. I’m doing it right now, in fact.  And he LOVES it. It’s soothing for him. Now I’m kind of afraid he’ll be addicted to it, and I’ll have to do it all the time.

 It’s kind of difficult to take a pic of myself carrying Little T, so here’s what I look like, Clip-Art style…

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