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“My brother is a good baby. I should play with him”

Big T was sharing crayons with little T. I use the term “sharing” loosely. check it out…

Big T’s pile of Crayons:

Little T’s pile of crayons:

At least they’re playing together. sorta.

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Such horrible devastation. I am completely shaken by this news.

My heart goes out to the people of Haiti. I am praying for them. I wish I could do more. I want to do more. 

Hundreds of thousands of people? How does that even happen? How does one explain that? Life is so unfair. So short. So unfair.

I am praying for them.

Some ways to help:

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“Is it funny?”

Anytime Big T does something naughty, he’ll look up at me, smile, and ask “Is it funny?” Oh, it infuriates me. It is not funny. Nope. Not even a little bit. Jumping off the dining chairs isn’t funny. Neither is unrolling the toilet paper. Nor is pulling your baby brother by his legs.

This is just one of his phrases I don’t particularly like. Others include:

“I don’t like you”

“I want you to go away”

“I need to take a nap” (you might think: “what’s not to love about this one?” but it almost always is a trick to get out of time-out)

“I don’t want to go to school”

“I don’t need to go potty” (usually he says this when he NEEEDS to go)

“I’m making a mess”

Kids. We wait and wait and wait until they learn to speak…



PAPER GOT ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“I will take pictures”

I gave my camera to Big T for about 30 minutes. I know, not the smartest idea I’ve ever had – he could have dropped it in the toilet. He went around the house taking pictures. He’s quite the photographer.

I must say, I was rather impressed with most of his shots – the vast majority were in focus, and his finger was not on the lens. Here are a few:

Black and white pillow

Snow boots

Mommy’s keyboard. Needs a cleaning, no?

Couch. So that’s where the remote control is hiding!

He did a great job!


“We’re exercising”

I did one of those ExerciseTV workouts today. Of course, Big T would not be left out. Since he has way, way, way more energy than I do, I wound up winded and worn out while he was his jolly old energetic self. In case anyone is interested, I did the 20 minute sweat by Holly Perkins. I did sweat. Not too much, but it felt pretty good.

This is sad. I was out performed by a 3 year old.

I need help.


The work week last week was productive but tedious. I was basically doing things a trained monkey could do. They are called DNA minipreps. They are necessary. Essential, even. But after doing about 70 of them over 2 days last week, I was pretty much falling asleep at my bench. Next time, I think I will delegate the miniprepping to someone else. But I always feel weird about doing that. My type A personality won’t let me hand off the simplest of tasks to someone else who is more than capable of handling it, and who has more free time to actually do those sorts of things for me, and has volunteered to do them for me.

I seriously need help.

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“M, M…that spells M&Ms!”

Big T is very much into spelling everything. Last night he got a treat for being a good listener. One guess as to what the treat was…

( Hey, positive reinforcement works, and if it has to be candy, so be it.) 

Anyway, here are some of his other favorite words to spell:




We have only watched the movie Cars a least six hundred times. Aaaaand it was made by Disney/Pixar. Aaaaand we have watched it (as well as other movies) on HBO. Hence all the spelling words.

We have a TV and we watch it a lot. Sue me.

Anyway…we now have about 10 of the cars, and Big T just got a cool Mack truck play hut. It’s big enough for 2 children to play in, and it folds down easily.

Little T is not allowed to play in it, touch it, look at it, or even breathe in its general direction. I did not think I would have to break up fights so soon. Little T is still a baby. A really fiesty baby, but a baby nonetheless. Interestingly enough, he holds his own quite well against his brother. It’s insane I tell you.

(Just in case it’s not immediately obvious, there are 3 great parenting gems in today’s post – candy eating, TV watching and siblings fighting.)

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“Mommy, why don’t you go lie down”

Ughhhhhh. I had the worst abdominal pain today. Seriously, THE WORST. I thought I was dying. Or at the very least, it felt like labor without an epidural. And I know what that feels like.

So, when I was finally able to speak through the pain, I called my doctor-cousin-friend for a phone consultation. I wanted to know whether a trip to the ER would be necessary. It was like a real consultation too…

Where is the pain localized?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the pain?

How long have you been having this pain?

Any fever?

Any nausea?

Any diarrhea?

Is it epigastric (huh? Apparently, she meant “is the pain ascending toward your esophagus”. Why didn’t she just say that???)

Any recent UTI? (I know. doctors ask EVERYTHING!)

When was your last period?

Could you be pregnant? (Oh Good Lord. Sure hope not)

Have you been exercising more than usual? (hahaha)

Then she said “take 600mg Ibuprofen and call me back in an hour if the pain gets worse.” The pain went away. Mostly.

 I’m still not sure what caused the pain, and now I’m just tired.

PS: She thinks I was ovulating…whhatttt?? Since when is that supposed to hurt like that? Nothing is fair about this. N O T H I N G.


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