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“I just want snow-plow Thomas”

My kid is OBSESSED with Thomas the train (aka Thomas the tank engine, aka Thomas and Friends). He loves Thomas and everything Thomas. He knows all the engines, their names and numbers, which ones pull coaches, which ones pull freight cars…

He plays with Thomas, watches Thomas on TV,  forces invites me to play Thomas with him, wears Thomas clothes, eats off Thomas dishes, reads Thomas books at bedtime…

It is all Thomas all.the.time.

And frankly, I don’t get it. Except for the fact that it’s all very British and proper. That part is cute. But the rest of it I just don’t get. Seriously. Try watching an episode. It’s actually kind of boring. But what do I know…I am just mom. Plus I’m a girl. I am convinced that all little boys between the ages of 1 and 5 have some level of love for Thomas. With my kid, it borders on insanity.

Anyway, he  has wanted snow-plow Thomas since CHRISTMAS. Has been BEGGING for it. They have one at school, and he desperately wants, no, NEEDS one at home.

His birthday is coming up on Wednesday. I guess I have to find snow-plow Thomas. I hope Target still has it in stock…

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“She just hit me on the head!”

I picked the boys up from pre-school yesterday… (side note – I got a “MOMMMMMEEEEEE” and a big hug from Big T. He actually sounded like he was happy to see me. It was unexpected, but welcomed! Maybe we are turning the corner here)…back to my main point…I noticed a small bump/bruise on Big T’s head. I immediately asked him what happened and he responded (without hesitation)

“K hit me”

Apparently K was upset that she did not get to be the line leader, and somehow hit Big T (who was not the line leader either). The story was difficult to piece together. And Big T did not hit back, or cry or tell the teacher.

K had better hope that she and I don’t bump into each other in a dark alley.



“I’m just sitting here, chillin'”

Big T likes to ask questions like

“what are you doing, mommy?”


“what are you doing, daddy?”

over and over and over again. So every once in a while, we turn the tables on him. HA!

Mr. T: “What are you doing?”

Big T (matter of factly): “I’m just sitting here, chillin'”

Mr T (trying not to laugh): “really, you’re chillin’?”

Big T: “Yes, I’m chillin'”

For your education today, here are some definitions of chillin’ (from urban dictionary and online slang dictionary). These definitions actually accurately describe Big T’s sate of mind at that point…

1) relaxing. also loungin”, kickin’ it, maxin’.

2) Relaxing, hanging out, doing nothing.

I particularly like this one:

3) To be in a state of prolonged satisfactory boredom. A positive phase of behing, not regarded as being bored but not in the process of doing anything worth elaborating upon.
but he DEFINITELY WAS NOT doing this
 4) smoking cannabis
Consider yourself schooled!


“Goodmorning Mommy”

This particular quote by Big T is neither groundbreaking nor earthshattering. The boy is almost 4. He does know how to say goodmorning. In context. In two languages. This morning though…this morning, he saw me when he woke up, and he said “good morning, mommy” COMPLETELY UNPROVOKED! I mean, he was not his usual grumpy-face-I-hate-mornings self. He was…agreeable.

He did draw the line at giving me a goodmorning kiss though. I know, he gave me an inch and I tried to take a mile.

It totally made my day. Which was a good thing. Not that my day went downhill after that. The day was ok. Good, even. My experiments are working (for the most part) The Boss paid me a few compliments about my work, saying things like “Good work” and “You would be an outstanding candidate (for a particular fellowship)” and “you rock my world”. OK, not so much the last one…

But still. yet. I am not at ease. I am worried today. About several things. Experiments being one of them. The work I am doing is has so much potential…possibly will bring a greater understanding to the field… I am worried about contamination, worried about backing up ALL my data, and just worried in general that people may have a hard time buying it. But I have to be confident in the fact that I have done good work.  I have to stay focused, and keep working, make sure I have all the right controls, make sure I keep backing up data and samples…

Also I am worried about money. Daycare dollars were due today. OUCH! We also need to purchase at least 3 new car seats for the boys. DOUBLE OUCH!!

I have to keep trusting God. He is the one that has provided ALL our needs thus far!

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“I got burned by the hot lava”

I don’t know what movie this quote is from. Maybe Madagascar 2? What’s really hilarious is the way Big T pronounces lava. It sounds like “lover”. Actually, more like  “lovah”

Imagine your 3-year old saying  “I got burned by the hot ‘lovah’ ” in a loud voice over and over again. I could not stop laughing.

He’s funny! And according to him, I’m funny too . We are just a fun, funny family!

“You are the funniest mommy I’ve ever seen!”

He likes me…He really, really likes me…

This is the best compliment I have heard in a LONG time.

“Cake is good for me. It makes me grow…”

“…and I’ll be big like daddy.”

Yesterday was Little T’s birthday. My baby is one! Seriously, that boy is so doggone cute! SO SO SO friendly, good natured, and so happy! Just an EASY baby. I mean, babies are never easy. But Little T is on the easy end as babies go.

Of course, Little T had to share his birthday with his big brother. Some of the highlights of the (shared) birthday celebration:

1) We lit the birthday candle, sang happy Birthday, and Big T blew out the candle. We re-lit the candle and tried again. Big T blew it out again. So we gave up. Maybe Little T will blow out his own birthday candles next year.

2) Big T tried to open all of Little T’s presents, and “share” them. Big T actually got a small gift for himself. Here’s why: I don’t want him growing up to hate valentine’s day (although, I’m thinking that may not be so terrible…). Anyway, because it was valentine’s day, Mr. T and I exchanged small gifts and cards, and since it was also Little T’s birthday, he received a few presents. It occurred to me that Big T might not like being left out of all the gift-giving, so we bought him a tiny, tiny set of lego pieces as a valentine’s day gift.

3) Big T knows his own birthday is coming up, but he keeps insisting he’s going to be one, and that Little T is four. Too funny!

Some of Big T’s other questions/comments:

“Is it MY birthday?”

“Can I open this present?”

“Will he share this toy with me?”

“Is this MY cake?”

“Can I have more cake?”

followed by the “cake is good for me…” comment.

The Birthday was fun. We enjoyed our time with family…Oh and the cake…we had a GIANT cake. It was delicious. And impressive. And yummy. Did I mention, it tasted great…especially the frosting…

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“What happened to your hair?”

I went the the Hair Salon today. First time in over 2 years. I went from having braided hair, to all natural ‘fro, to blow-dried straight and styled all in one day. When I came back home, Big T and I had the following conversation:

Big T (incredulously): “what happened to your hair?!”

Me: “I had my hair done at the salon…”

Big T: “What did you do?”

Me (a tad frustrated): “I had my hair done!”

Big T: “But whyyyyyyyy??”

What does he mean? How should I take this conversation? It is too late to undo…

Way to go Big T, way to undermine Mommy’s confidence.



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