Big T is so possessive! I may have mentioned once or twice that the boy loves his Daddy, and when Mr T is around I’m pretty much chopped liver. The sun rises and sets with Daddy. I am neither bitter nor jealous. Anymore. I have Little T…sometimes.

Tonight, I was talking to Big T, and I said to him: “Daddy is talking to you”, and he responds with “he’s not your daddy, he’s MY daddy”

Yes. I know. Plus it would be weeeeeird if he were my daddy. Helloooo.

Anyway, WHAT A WEEK! Besides being super busy (what’s new),  Big T was in rare form all week with the whole Daddy thing. Mr T and I usually split daycare drop-off/pick-up. On days I pick up, I practically have to drag Big T home, ’cause he wants Daddy to pick him up from school. I picked up Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. 3 days in a row. By the third day…oy! On Thursday, when I showed up in his pre-school class to pick him up, he looks up, sees me, and says Noooooooo!


On the other hand, Little T is what one might call an “equal opportunity lover-boy”. When I say equal opportunity, I mean EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. That child will reach his arms out to a total stranger, and then cuddle up with them like they are best buddies. Most people feel so special when he does that, and I hate (ok, fine, I kinda like) to burst their bubble, and tell them he is friendly like that to everyone.

They have the same parents, yet they have completely different temperaments. It’s amazing.

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