Yesterday was a snow day. We had snow. Actual snow, enought to accumulate and cause schools to be closed. My guess would be around 8 or 9 inches. Nothing like the “snowpocalipse” they are experiencing in other parts of the US…or is it “snowmaggedon“? Anyhow, Big T and Little T had to stay home  since their center was closed. They were home…so I had to stay home too.

Today, “Life” won the struggle for “work/life balance”. I did do a little bit of work from home though. Paper editing and such…I guess that counts for something.

So, life handed me lemons…er…snow…and I made lemonade…er…snow-angels

I froze my little tush off doing this. Big T was appropriately bundled up – lined pants under snow pants, etc. I wore jeans. And then laid down in the snow in 20-degree weather (that’s 20F). ‘Cause a three-year old asked me to. Ok, I admit, it was kind of fun. I felt like a kid again. And me and Big T, we bonded. Really bonded. Until Mr. T came outside.

My snow-baby:

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