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A prayer

Lord keep us healthy in this household. No more sickness, no more fevers, no more colds, no more blisters, no more rashes…

Lord I pray that you keep our bodies safe, keep our minds in tip-top shape, help us to always trust in you for all our needs, and to remember that you are the one who heals us. You created us and you know how our bodies and minds work. Lord protect these children of ours. They go to daycare and are exposed to EVERYTHING. Their immune systems are developing – Lord strenghten them, cover them, protect them





“The baby is awake…”

This morning, Big T was having breakfast in the kitchen downstairs, and Little T was sleeping in his crib upstairs.

We heard Little T waking up and making sounds in his crib (yeah, did I mention we live in a small house?)…


Big T says “Mommy, the baby is awake. Maybe you should go wipe his nose

This is an indication of how many colds/runny noses/allergies we have had to deal with this year. It is not as fun as you might imagine. Little T in particular hates having his nose wiped. We have to wrestle. And we buy the really really soft tissues. The kind with lotion in it. Still, we have to pin him down in order to wipe his nose. For some reason, he does not really appreciate the fact that we get the lotiony tissues just for him.

Hopefully, this is the worst of it. At least they never got seriously sick.

And Little T’s nose did not need wiping today!!!!

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“Hello Kitty Cat, where are you going?”

Big T climbed on top of the couch and had a conversation with a cat walking by. I don’t think the cat heard, but you never know.

Yeah, he’s been doing this for a while. Maybe he’s trying to escape.

Big T, 18 months old…

Perhaps we should have nipped all that couch climbing in the bud. OOOPSIE.

(I did tell him to get down. After I took the picture)


“Go have adventures!”

Big T does this new thing. Everytime Mr T is leaving the house for whatever reason, he’ll ask to go with him (’cause you know, they’re BFFs). If told that he cannot go to work/the bank/the gym with Daddy, he’ll reluctantly let him go. And then 5 seconds later will RUN to the door saying “I forgot to tell him something!!!” Then he’ll fling open the door and shout something like

have fun working out, Daddy”  OR

I love you so much, Daddy”  OR

have a good time, Daddy” 

But yesterday, it was different. He shouted

go have adventures!”

And Mr T went off to have adventures (actually, he went back to work…)

And the the kids and I hung out all evening. We listened to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” at least 10 times on my ipod (it was at least 9 times too many for me), and then we tried to get Little T to walk some more (we are up to like 10 steps!!!), and then we ate brown rice jollof rice. Before I knew it, it was my favorite time of the day- BEDTIME!

Is it bad that I look forward to their bedtime (even more than I look forward to mine?)


“What’s a pirate’s booty?”

I didn’t even know where to begin on this one.

One of the aunties sent Big T a talking Birthday card. When you open it, the card says something like

“pirate’s booty!!!!…everyone wants some of your booty, but your booty is only for you…”

Perhaps the Auntie did not fully realize that my 4 year old would listen to the card over and over and over again. And ask questions about pirates and booty. Or maybe she did. And sent it anyway.

Anyway, If I would have answered Big T’s question, here’s the definition of “pirate’s booty” I would have given:

“The stuff that a pirate steals from other ships and keeps for himself” (then I would have immediately followed that with a reminder/disclaimer: “stealing is bad. A Very Very naught thing to do, and you must never do it”)

Logically, the next question would have been: “what’s a pirate?”

And I would have said: “A pirate is an outlaw that sails the high seas, taking over other ships

And Big T would have asked: “what’s an outlaw?” or maybe he would have said “what’s the high seas?”

Since I anticipated the possibility of this line of questioning, I distracted him with jelly beans, and never did answer the very first question. But if he asks again…

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“Make it down-slide-up”

First of all, instead of saying “upside-down”, Big T says “upslide-down”

Cracks me up everytime.

Well, today he wanted something “right side up”, but could not find the words

so he said “DOWN-SLIDE-UP!”


“It’s not dark enough yet”

The days had already been getting longer and longer…it wasn’t getting dark until like 7pm. Now with daylight savings thrown into the mix, for the next 6 months or so, nighttime won’t start till after 8pm.

I don’t hate daylight savings time (I like most aspects of it…) BUT I cannot seem to get up in the morning ’cause 6am or 7am is still deep darkness. The kids and the hubby have trouble getting up too. We all overslept this morning – I was frantically waking everyone up at 7:50am…(but really my body was thinking it was still 6:50am…) it is all so confusing.

For the last couple of weeks, Big T has been a little confused by how bright it’s been outside when we pick them up from the child care center around 5:45pm. Poor kid is about to get even more confused. Apparently, it has to be dark before he can go home.

In honor of daylight saving and impending warmer weather…

Top 10 things I like about spring

1)Warmer weather!

2)No more heavy coats/boots/gloves/hats

3)going for walks with the kids in the evening

4)no snow. Rain, but no snow…

5)warmer weather!!

6)flowers. Especially tulips.

7)Mothers day and Easter

8)the promise of summer 🙂

9)longer days

10) warmer weather!!!

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“Is he trying to learn how to talk?”








These are all words that Little T says now. Don’t argue. Take my word for it, those are real words 😉


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