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A magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck central and south Chile  on Saturday. Since then, there have been over 90 aftershocks. Thankfully the death toll was much MUCH smaller than the one that struck Haiti about 6 weeks ago – due in part to the eathquake “consciousness” in Chile, as well as the epicenter being offshore.


It is estimated that over 2 million people are affected by this disaster. People need food, clean water, shelter…

How to help…

And of course, texting!

Texting donations for Chile:
In addition to your donation amount, standard text messaging fees may apply.
ADRA International: Text CHILE 10 to 27138 ($10 donation)
Convoy of Hope: Text 4CHILE to 50555 ($10 donation)
Habitat for Humanity: Text CHILE to 25383 ($10 donation)
OperationUSA: Text REBUILD to 50555 ($10 donation)
Salvation Army: Text CHILE” to 52000 ($10 donation)
World Vision: Text CHILE” to 20222 ($10 donation)
UNICEF: Text YOUTH to 20222 ($10 donation)


“I cannot believe my eyes”

These were the first words out of Big T’s mouth this morning. And I have no clue what he was talking about.

Here are the things that are making me go “I cannot believe my eyes” this morning

1) The magnitude of the earthquake in Chile (will be getting it’s own post).

2) This article. A postitive article about christians (YAY!), and a sort of “call to action” for everyone. Says a lot of the things I am thinking, and a lot of the things I want to say to both christians and non-christians.

3) The numbers on the scale this morning. Not in a good way.


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