Today, my big boy turned 4!!!! Time flies. Just yesterday, I was being cut open …etc, etc…you get it…

 I think he had a most awesome day! A day full of cupcakes and ice-cream and candy and toys and happy birthday songs and phone calls from everybody. Just a MOST AWESOME DAY!

Now he really gets the whole birthday thing. The whole day he was well aware of the fact that he was the star of the show. And he was

He shared cupcakes with his friends at pre-school. They were store-bought cupcakes. No way I’m making 2 dozen cupcakes on a Tuesday night. Jus’ sayin’

He liked the frosting much more than he did the cake. Check out the blue frosting beard…

You may also notice that he’s wearing a Thomas Shirt in this pic. For more  on Thomas, see this post. Also, I want to mention that in no way did Little T try to usurp Big T’s special day. Little T was just as sweet and gracious as can be. Fine, he does not “get” the whole birthday thing yet, but whatever… see this post on Little T’s birthday, and how Big T tried to stage a hostile take-over.

It was a good day and I am SO glad.

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