Big T used to just get into everything. He would make a big ole mess and then tell us about it. DROVE ME CRAZY. Now it’s Little T’s turn. Children and their darn curiousity. I guess it would be bad to squelch curiousity and imagination…

Speaking of messes…my laundry “room”…I have decided I will never catch up. I’m ok with that.

On the work front, I keep a reasonably tidy lab bench, notebook, and freezer shelf. Organization is KEY. I am pretty proud of my level of organization at work. Color coding, lining up bottles just so, making back-ups of back-ups of most everything. Sometimes it almost borders on OCD. I guess I use up most of my OCD at work, and have very little left for the home front.

That might not be such a bad thing  🙂

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