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Big T: “Mommy, can I go to N’s birthday party?”

Me: “Yes, but it’s not today”

Big T: “why?”

Me: “Because it’s next weekend”

Big T: “why?”

Me: “I guess that’s when his mom planned the party for”

Big T: “why?”

Me: “Because that must be on or around his actual birthday”

Big T: “why?”

Me: “Because that’s when he was born, about four years ago”

Big T: “why?”

Me: “Well, his mom must have gone into labour…”

Big T: “why?”

Me: ” I don’t know why…do you know why?”

“Put him in the exersaucer”

Basically, Big T wanted us to confine Little T so that Little T would not mess with his trains.

That’s just not right…

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the exersaucer, and we do use it on ocassion. In fact, sometimes Little T himself will go stand up against it and play with the toys, so we just put him in it. But Big T suggesting that Little T should go in it just for his own convenience is a little…diabolical.

Little T took his first step on Saturday evening. Pretty soon he’ll be walking for real, and then Big T will be in real trouble. Little T is also sprouting another tooth. Just milestones all over the place.

Speaking of milestones, I recently reached one at work, and I am really excited that things are going so well 🙂

Today is one of those days when I feel like I’m doing the whole wife, mom, phd thing well. I’m really doing it. I know days will come when I won’t feel so accomplished. I had better bask in the glow today.

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“I’m making a mess”


Big T used to just get into everything. He would make a big ole mess and then tell us about it. DROVE ME CRAZY. Now it’s Little T’s turn. Children and their darn curiousity. I guess it would be bad to squelch curiousity and imagination…

Speaking of messes…my laundry “room”…I have decided I will never catch up. I’m ok with that.

On the work front, I keep a reasonably tidy lab bench, notebook, and freezer shelf. Organization is KEY. I am pretty proud of my level of organization at work. Color coding, lining up bottles just so, making back-ups of back-ups of most everything. Sometimes it almost borders on OCD. I guess I use up most of my OCD at work, and have very little left for the home front.

That might not be such a bad thing  🙂

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“this is the best birthday ever!”

Today, my big boy turned 4!!!! Time flies. Just yesterday, I was being cut open …etc, etc…you get it…

 I think he had a most awesome day! A day full of cupcakes and ice-cream and candy and toys and happy birthday songs and phone calls from everybody. Just a MOST AWESOME DAY!

Now he really gets the whole birthday thing. The whole day he was well aware of the fact that he was the star of the show. And he was

He shared cupcakes with his friends at pre-school. They were store-bought cupcakes. No way I’m making 2 dozen cupcakes on a Tuesday night. Jus’ sayin’

He liked the frosting much more than he did the cake. Check out the blue frosting beard…

You may also notice that he’s wearing a Thomas Shirt in this pic. For more  on Thomas, see this post. Also, I want to mention that in no way did Little T try to usurp Big T’s special day. Little T was just as sweet and gracious as can be. Fine, he does not “get” the whole birthday thing yet, but whatever… see this post on Little T’s birthday, and how Big T tried to stage a hostile take-over.

It was a good day and I am SO glad.

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“I am talking in a quiet-loud voice”


Oh that boy cracks me up.

Little T was sleeping…no…trying to sleep…and I kept reminding Big T that he needed to be quiet, so as not to wake the baby. He responded by speaking in a stage whisper.


He called it his “quiet-loud” voice. And just in case you did not know, a real whisper is “quiet-quiet”, and a normal voice is “loud-loud”.



A magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck central and south Chile  on Saturday. Since then, there have been over 90 aftershocks. Thankfully the death toll was much MUCH smaller than the one that struck Haiti about 6 weeks ago – due in part to the eathquake “consciousness” in Chile, as well as the epicenter being offshore.


It is estimated that over 2 million people are affected by this disaster. People need food, clean water, shelter…

How to help…

And of course, texting!

Texting donations for Chile:
In addition to your donation amount, standard text messaging fees may apply.
ADRA International: Text CHILE 10 to 27138 ($10 donation)
Convoy of Hope: Text 4CHILE to 50555 ($10 donation)
Habitat for Humanity: Text CHILE to 25383 ($10 donation)
OperationUSA: Text REBUILD to 50555 ($10 donation)
Salvation Army: Text CHILE” to 52000 ($10 donation)
World Vision: Text CHILE” to 20222 ($10 donation)
UNICEF: Text YOUTH to 20222 ($10 donation)


“I cannot believe my eyes”

These were the first words out of Big T’s mouth this morning. And I have no clue what he was talking about.

Here are the things that are making me go “I cannot believe my eyes” this morning

1) The magnitude of the earthquake in Chile (will be getting it’s own post).

2) This article. A postitive article about christians (YAY!), and a sort of “call to action” for everyone. Says a lot of the things I am thinking, and a lot of the things I want to say to both christians and non-christians.

3) The numbers on the scale this morning. Not in a good way.


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