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“Let’s count the spots on your face, mommy”


Let’s just say I’m completely mortified.  I wonder what he was referring to as spots…

1) Acne?

2)my giant pores?

3)blackheads? (ew. I hope not)

4)mysterious rash?

5)The polka dots I painted on my face? (nope…I don’t recall ever painting any spots on my face.)

5) other?

 Seriously, kids have no filter. Until they get one, we have to bear the brunt of their harsh comments.


“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”


The preschool has been celebrating “Earth Day” all week. Big T came home singing this song:

 “Na na na na na” (I don’t remember the words)

“it’s what we wanna do”

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

And he sings it at the randomest times. Like when he’s eating dinner, or reading a bedtime story. At least something is sinking in.

I have been trying to reinforce what he is learning at pre-school, and I found that recycling is the easiest concept to grasp/practice with a 4 year old. To that end, we have been discussing what kinds of things can be recycled, and where we put the recycling. As usual, he is super enthusiastic about it. We will tackle reduce and reuse too…eventually.

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“It’s a daddy card!”

Big T has been saying some really funny things lately. Also, he is expanding his palate. I know, 2 random thoughts in the same paragraph 🙂


Yesterday, he ate yogurt. Yogurt. Seriously, he ate yogurt. We went down the yogurt road a couple of years ago. It did not go well, and I wasted a bunch of money. So, I still cannot believe that he actually ate yogurt. Not only did he eat yogurt, he ASKED for it. I did not offer it.  And he liked it. No. In fact, he loved it. He said (and I quote) “I don’t like yogurt, I LOVE it”

Now he also likes chocolate chip cookies (apparently they are his favorite), he likes pears (uh-huh, the fresh fruit), rice krispie treats, and carrots.  My little boy now eats more that 8 things. That palate. It is e.x.p.a.n.d.i.n.g!

Regarding the title of this post, I was cracking up so much when Big T said this. It’s amazing how his mind works.  He was going through Mr. T’s wallet, and found his driver’s license.  He exclaimed “It’s a Daddy card!” SO CUTE!

<I wonder if a daddy card is kind of like a man card?>

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“It’s for show-and-tell”

Big T wanted to bring his Lightning McQueen cars to school, and I said “No, thank you” and then he said “but, it’s for show-and-tell” and I said “still, the answer is no

Turns out they don’t do show-and-tell in his class. I asked his teacher. They did do it at his previous pre-school…the one he attended A YEAR AGO…but not this one.

I am sad my kid tried to lie just to get his way. Glad I called his bluff, but sad he lied.

We are gonna have to have a conversation tonite 🙁

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It’s been a teething few months

First the bottom 2 teeth. This was accompanied by lots of drooling

Then the top 2 started coming in. some more drooling…

Here come the canines…


“I want to go for a run”

This post is about ME!!!!

I decided a few days ago to start running. Those that know me know that I DON’T RUN. EVER. Unless I am being chased, and that is not often.

So why running?

1) For some reason, One day, I got the urge to run. For real, I just felt like getting up and going for a run. So I did it. For about 5 minutes. And I did not pass out, so I did 10 minutes more…then I walked some… Plus it is really fun to say “I’m going for a run” or “I went for a run”…makes me feel like a super athlete.

I run really slowly (really, it’s a glorified walk), and not for very long. Still, it’s a start.

2) I rarely see really overweight people out there running, therefore I am pretty sure running will help keep the pounds off.

3) I like the “me time”. I take my ipod and I just walk/run.

So far, I have gone out twice, and felt great after. Granted, I am still walk/running but I am enjoying it. I should sign up for a fall 5K or a 10K so I have a goal to work toward.

(Now Big T wants to run too)


“I will talk the left way”

 Sometimes, Big T just likes to be contrary.

Ok, a lot of the time. Just wants to be ornery, and do the opposite of what I say. I’m working hard to nip that one in the bud.

This week, Mr. T has been out of sorts because he had a laser refractory (eye) surgery procedure called LASEK. Not LASIK…LASEK. There is a fine line between the two…LASEK apparently carries less risk, but is much more painful, with a longer recovery time. He’s feeling much better, and his sight has improved. Perhaps no more glasses for him. Forever.

Anyway, I digress…

My point is, Mr T couldn’t even really see to help a lot with taking care of the kids. Maybe Big T was trying to take advantage of the situation. Among his many shenanigans, he decided to start talking with a lisp. I kid you not. A LISP. Why??? Saying things like

“I want thome cheerioth”


“I like Thomath and Perthy and Jameth”


“Ith thith my thweater?”

How annoying is that? Especially since I know he knows how to say thothe those words. So that? It’s contagious.

So I laid down the law. I said to him

“I’m not going to respond to you unless you pronounce your words the right way”

and he counters with

“I’m going to say them the LEFT way”

Really? The LEFT WAY? Really?

(But we had a good laugh about it later. He cracks me up!)

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“What’s wrong with your eyes?”

I did a post a while back about my favorite aspects of springtime

Here are my top 10 least favorite things about spring

10) Allergies – I suffer from it. Bad

9)The weather is a bit ok, a lot bi-polar. high 70s one day, low 40s the next

8)Allergies – Mr T suffers from it. Bad.

7)Filing Taxes

6)Not knowing how to dress – too cold in the morning, too warm in the afternoon…

5)Allergies – Both Kids suffer from it. Bad.

4)Having a hard time getting the kids to bed at night, since it is still so light outside.

3)Having to work off the winter weight – I can no longer hide under a jacket or a sweater

2) Having to pack up all my cool boots and scarves.

1)Did I mention Allergies? Ugh.

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