This post is about ME!!!!

I decided a few days ago to start running.┬áThose that know me know that I DON’T RUN. EVER. Unless I am being chased, and that is not often.

So why running?

1) For some reason, One day, I got the urge to run. For real, I just felt like getting up and going for a run.┬áSo I did it. For about 5 minutes. And I did not pass out, so I did 10 minutes more…then I walked some… Plus it is really fun to say “I’m going for a run” or “I went for a run”…makes me feel like a super athlete.

I run really slowly (really, it’s a glorified walk), and not for very long. Still, it’s a start.

2) I rarely see really overweight people out there running, therefore I am pretty sure running will help keep the pounds off.

3) I like the “me time”. I take my ipod and I just walk/run.

So far, I have gone out twice, and felt great after. Granted, I am still walk/running but I am enjoying it. I should sign up for a fall 5K or a 10K so I have a goal to work toward.

(Now Big T wants to run too)