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“Tak oooo”

Little T has quite a few words now. The one he says the most (by far) AND in context is “Thank you“. But it sounds more like “tak oooo”.

Literally the cutest Thank you EVER.

At least I am raising a polite young man. I ran into a lady in the hallway at work yesterday. Rude, rude, rude as can be. She was lost and needed directions. And apparently maybe she thought I worked for her or something. She came to me asking for directions. I have to admit, I chuckled a bit, because she was waaaay lost. Like “how did you get here if you were trying to go there” kind of lost. But it wasn’t a condescending chuckle. It was a commiserating kind of chuckle. Anyway. I went above and beyond. I walked her half-way to her destination, and then I gave her excellent directions the rest of the way.

aaaaaand…she strode off without a second look at me


Oh she also said “oh yes, yes, that’s where I got lost, got it now” before she strode off.

And then I said “you’re welcome”. But I don’t think the ungrateful, entitled broad with the chip on her shoulder heard me.

I think Little T could have taught her a couple of words. words like “tak oooo”. I didn’t help just to receive a thank you. But it sure would have been nice to hear.

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“Make it a really BIG one!”

You know what I like?


They are so fragile, so beautiful, so…perfect. Even the imperfect ones, the ones that look like a fusion of a big bubble and 3 little bubbles…even those ones are gorgeous. They catch the light and just float free. There’s just something about bubbles. Something. Makes me feel carefree, and reminds me of warm happy summer months. Times spent playing outside and being a kid all over again. What I’d really love to do is walk through a forest of bubbles. But then they’d all pop as I brush past them, and that would be sad.

Tonight Big T and I played with Bubbles outside for a few minutes before bedtime. He kept asking me to make them bigger and bigger, and  he would only pop the really big ones.

The ones that escape Big T’s popping fingers float away and…*pop*

Not to get all deep and everything, but the bubbles also remind of the fragility of life. Here one moment and gone the next. Enjoy it while you can. Float as high as you can. Travel as far as possible. Let the world see you shimmer in the light.


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“I don’t want shorts, I need pants”

It is officially shorts weather!!!!

Apparently, the temps will be in the 80’s all week, and there will be sunny skies :)…still, Big T put up a fight this morning about wearing shorts. He I guess the boy is attached to his jeans and corduroys. I finally got him to put them on by telling him they were “short pants”. Not shorts. Short pants. I am so glad Little T is not to that phase yet. He is cool with whatever outfit I pick out. Now, actually getting the clothes on him requires a lot of effort, and is like wrestling a baby alligator. Sometimes I wish I could just send him off to daycare in his diaper.

To prepare myself for shorts weather, I have been trying to eat right and exercise. Running 2-4 days a week. Not sure how I will keep up with it now that it’s getting so hot out…

I have also discovered greek yogurt. YUM! So here’s my breakfast of champions: Greek yogurt and coffee

“He’s not a boy…he’s a baby”

Big T still insists that Little T is not a boy. “He’s just a baby” Big T says. And then I have to counter with “maybe he’s a baby boy…”

We had Little T’s 15 month appointment on Thursday. He is healthy, happy, and just perfect. According to the physical development charts for boys age 0-36 months, he is in the 10th percentile for weight and in the 32nd percentile for height. As far as head circumference goes, he is in the 87th percentile. Not that I place too much stock in those charts.

Still… Little Baby, Big Head.

At the well-baby appointments, they have this checklist of “milestones”. I think it’s called the Ages and Stages questionnaire. One of the questions was:

“If you put a cheerio in a clear plastic bottle, does your baby turn it upside down to get the cheerio out?”

I remember trying something like this with Little T when he was about 11 months old. We were home and bored (I think it was one of those horribly cold days in January…) Anyway, to keep Little T busy, I put some cheerios in the bottom of a mason jar and let him go to town.

First he tried to put his right hand in the jar

Then he put his left hand in the jar

He eventually grabbed a cheerio, but his little fist made it impossible to withdraw his hand

Finally he knocked the jar over.


I had so much fun watching that whole process. Today he would not even think twice before knocking the jar over to get the cheerios out.

Baby boys…in a few short months they develop into actual boys.


“Dear Lord…”

“Bless my Mommy and Daddy, and my baby brother, and my three little sisters Norbert and Andy and Bernard. And help Thomas to be a Really Useful Engine. And help Lightning McQueen to be a Really Awesome Race car. Amen”

I believe that was the cutest prayer EVER.

And if I ever have 3 little girls, they will not be named Norbert and Andy and Bernard.

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“I like your hair mommy…your hair is awesome”

Me? Awesome??

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I got braids – extensions – and Big T likes them

He’s such a sweet boy. Somehow he must know that positive comments about mommy’s hair put mommy in a good mood. I did get compliments on my hair from lots of people, but Big T’s was my favorite compliment – 4 year olds just don’t lie about this sort of thing.

My hair really must be awesome

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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“What the heck is going on?”

Big T’s new favorite phrase. At least he’s not saying “he!!”. Still, everytime he says it (in the loudest, most surprised tone he can muster) I cringe. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think he got this particular phrase from me, but I can’t be 100% sure. Afterall, I have said “what the heck is going on?” on occassion, and while I do try to not say things like that in front of the little sponge, I may have slipped.

 I like to think he got it from Toy Story or some other disney movie. Yes, I’ll do that…blame Disney. Not that this makes me a better mom – I let my kids watch Disney movies with the word “heck” in it…

Little T is getting so BIG! One thing he does now is throw a little hissy fit whenever he does not get his way. He throws himself on the floor (carefully) and cries. What a diva! And we are now up to 6 full teeth. Although the lack of teeth has never hindered eating. Now he just bites more. Like he’ll randomly nip you on the shoulder or something. They’re almost like loving nips, but not really. I mean, he’s BITING! I always give him a stern look with a “NO THANK YOU, NO BITING” and he gets the message

It’s always something new with these kids!

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“Red and blue make purple”

I realized a couple of days ago that I no longer know the extent of Big T’s vocabulary. I no longer know the limits of his knowledge. Gone are the days when we knew exactly what he did and did not know. On some level I am sad about it. It is fully hitting me that Mr T and I and our small circle of family and friends are not the only influences in his life. He knows things. Things I did not teach him. Like how caterpillars turn into butterflies, and the fact that blue and red make purple, and he knows that chocolate cheerios are delicious. And he recognized a rice krispie treat, even though that was my first time of ever offering one to him.

My babies.

I have to remember  – we…Mr T and I…are responsible for teaching our children the important stuff – faith, love, family, values, the birds and the bees…All of those things have to come from us. We cannot and must not limit their learning and interaction with the world. We certainly will not be able to teach them everything, but we have a responsibility to give them a solid foundation. One they can build a full life upon.

One day, and sooner that I expect, these children are going to know more about more things. They will be teaching me stuff. Even though today, I cannot fathom how that could even be possible, I KNOW THAT IT WILL HAPPEN. And I will rejoice when it happens. I must rejoice.

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