I realized a couple of days ago that I no longer know the extent of Big T’s vocabulary. I no longer know the limits of his knowledge. Gone are the days when we knew exactly what he did and did not know. On some level I am sad about it. It is fully hitting me that Mr T and I and our small circle of family and friends are not the only influences in his life. He knows things. Things I did not teach him. Like how caterpillars turn into butterflies, and the fact that blue and red make purple, and he knows that chocolate cheerios are delicious. And he recognized a rice krispie treat, even though that was my first time of ever offering one to him.

My babies.

I have to remember  – we…Mr T and I…are responsible for teaching our children the important stuff – faith, love, family, values, the birds and the bees…All of those things have to come from us. We cannot and must not limit their learning and interaction with the world. We certainly will not be able to teach them everything, but we have a responsibility to give them a solid foundation. One they can build a full life upon.

One day, and sooner that I expect, these children are going to know more about more things. They will be teaching me stuff. Even though today, I cannot fathom how that could even be possible, I KNOW THAT IT WILL HAPPEN. And I will rejoice when it happens. I must rejoice.