It is officially shorts weather!!!!

Apparently, the temps will be in the 80’s all week, and there will be sunny skies :)…still, Big T put up a fight this morning about wearing shorts. He I guess the boy is attached to his jeans and corduroys. I finally got him to put them on by telling him they were “short pants”. Not shorts. Short pants. I am so glad Little T is not to that phase yet. He is cool with whatever outfit I pick out. Now, actually getting the clothes on him requires a lot of effort, and is like wrestling a baby alligator. Sometimes I wish I could just send him off to daycare in his diaper.

To prepare myself for shorts weather, I have been trying to eat right and exercise. Running 2-4 days a week. Not sure how I will keep up with it now that it’s getting so hot out…

I have also discovered greek yogurt. YUM! So here’s my breakfast of champions: Greek yogurt and coffee