We love reading.

OK let me clarify…I LOVE reading, Big T loves being read to, Little T loves playing with the books, and Mr T thinks if a book is good enough, the movie will be made.

A couple of days ago, Big T brought me 4 books to read to him. They were short. Still…FOUR! He sat there and listened as I read each one. I did enjoy doing that. He is also learning letter sounds, and how to spell and sound out words. He does recognize and can spell a few words. Words like cars, toy (and Story), Thomas, go, stop…He is well on his way to reading. I predict that in six months or so, with some encouragement, he should be reading simple books independently! YAY!

I recently obtainedMalla Nunn’s second book. (see short, short, teeny-tiny review of first book here). This second book, “Let the dead lie” looks like another good one…I can’t wait to get lost in it. 🙂

Let the summer of fun and reading begin!

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