Big T is and has always been a music lover. Any kind of music. When he was 18 months old, his favorite song was “Open Arms” by Journey. Seriously, my then 18 month old was singing along to Journey. But then again what’s not to love about Journey? I’m a fan. Not a big, huge fan, but I dig their music, and I do like that one song “Don’t stop believing“…(who doesn’t?)

Anywaaaaaay, a few weeks ago, Big T discovered Michael Jackson. Naturally, we were excited that our son was recognizing the classics. So he was listening to the different songs, and singing along. We let him. No harm in it, right? Plus, we thought it was cute, and it was funny to see his MJ impressions.

It was all fun and games until he took one of the songs literally and decided that he wanted to be bad. Yep, the song “Bad” must have really resonated with him. No amount of persuasion and reasoning would convince him that being good was the way to go. We tried to tell him “No, you are very very good, and we like you good” and he responds with “but I want to be bad…”  I am not even sure he knows what constitues “bad”…since we tend to use words like “naughty” or “not being a good listener” to express our displeasure at less-than-stellar behaviour. Afterall, we are good parents who read all the books and know that it’s bad to call kids “bad”. At least that’s what the child psychologists say. Or maybe I just made that up. Whatever.

Needless to say, no more MJ around here…

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