Ok, first of all, noone has ever told me they like my eyeballs. I was all like sweeeeeeeet! Someone likes my eyeballs for who they are.  That someone being Big T. I mean, I had always considered my eyeballs to me kind of nondescript. But he likes them. He really, really likes them.

In the same conversation, Big T told me that he likes ME (all of me, not just my eyeballs), and he likes my eyebrows, all 4 of them. Yes, he said 4. Naturally, I ran to the mirror to make sure I did not actually have 2 sets of eyebrows. Afterall, I have been slacking a bit in the tweezing department. But I did not think I was slacking off that much. After making sure that I did not in fact have 4 eyebrows, I went back to Big T to clarify what he meant. He then touched my real eyebrows…good…then he touched my eyeLASHES. OHHHHHH! Ha!! Those. So then of course I corrected him, and told him those were lashes.

Phew. I was concerned for a moment!

Anyway, I am feeling a lot of love from the little guy these days. Wonder how long this will last. I am enjoying it. Very much.