Big T earned a Buzz Lightyear last week. A real, full-size Buzz Lightyear. One of these:

Sometimes, he calls it Buzz Lightbeer. It’s from the movie…Woody the Cowboy once called Buzz “lightbeer”…it was funny. I promise.

He earned it by collecting “good behavior bricks”. We started him off with 5 bricks (yellow legos). He got a brick everytime he was well behaved, and lost a brick everytime he was naugthy. It took a whole week to earn 5 additional bricks. A WHOLE WEEK. He kept losing bricks for talking back and shoving his brother and not listening. It was exhausting. But we got there. And he got it. What’s funny is that now that he has the bricks, we still use them as bargaining chips for good behaviour, even though there is no longer a prize attached to them. Which is nice, cause that could get expensive.

We took the kids to see Toy Story 3 and ever since, Big T has been obsessed with the characters. Little T did not make it past the opening credits, so I spent most of the time standing outside. But somehow, I still enjoyed myself, and I caught enough of the movie to get the gist of it. It was our first time of taking him to see a feature length movie, and there was no drama. Well, little to no drama. Big T ate popcorn, Little T ate M&Ms, and we bonded as a family.

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