I’m baaaaaaack!!!

Yes, it has been over 2 months since I last posted anything. And what a crazy couple of months it has been!

We moved. Moving is always crazy. Crazy busy, crazy expensive and just crazy crazy. And it was just a cross-town move. I really do not like moving. The kids have adjusted well to their new surroundings. In fact they love it so much that whenever Big T is mad at me, he threatens to send me back to the old house.

Both kids are in a new childcare situation. They like it so far.

Big T had a really scary episode of respiratory distress. Not fun times. He was excited to ride in the ambulance though. We are so thankful to God that he is fine now.

Little T is now walking. Running, even. And using words. Real words, not the nonsense gurgling. He even said “I love you” the other day. It sounded more like “I ei ouu” but I KNEW what he meant. Also he has more teeth. Molars.

Speaking of Molars, Mr T got his wisdom teeth extracted. All four of them 🙁

And me, I am the executive manager of the household. This means I pass out on the couch at 10 pm every night.

Like I said, we have been busy. But we are also blessed. Very blessed 🙂

You may wonder what the title of this post has to do with anything. I am not quite sure myself. I do know it’s something Big T said. It was funny at the time. It was hilarious. I promise. Oh, wait I remember…something about the buttmaker 3000 being able to transform your butt from one without a tail to one with a tail. Isn’t that something everyone wants?