My name is Tina Joy. I have a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology. I wish I had PhD in parenting as well. With a pre-schooler, a baby and a husband, life is never boring, and there’s always something new to learn. My blog highlights the highs and lows of raising two boys whilst (yes, whilst) attempting to complete a post-doctoral research fellowship. My older son does say the darndest things, and I shamelessly steal his quotes and use them as my blog titles. He doesn’t mind.

I graduated from college in December of 1999. Like many people, I was afraid that all computer records would be lost with Y2k, so I worked hard to finish a semester early. I’m just kidding. Actually I happened to meet all my graduation requirements so I decided to skip the last semester and save some money. I got a job a few months later, and decided to apply to grad school soon thereafter.

I met Mr T at a party we were both crashing. We’re cool like that. We got married two years later. Our wedding was a couple of weeks after I took and barely passed my PhD candidacy exam. Big T – my first son – came along almost three years later. I was still a grad student and many people thought I was crazy. Some might have even said it to my face. I “finished” my research, wrote my dissertation and defended it about a year after having Big T. That was a fun year. 

I went on to a post-doc position, and Little T came along a year and a half into that. I know I’m their mom so I’m a little biased, but I must say my children are beautiful. I still question how this happened since I never really though of myself as having good looks. They must have gotten it all from Mr T 😉 after all, they did get their lovely dimpled cheeks from him. I must say, I think having 2 children is more than twice the work of one. Maybe when Little T is a bit older juggling everything will be a little easier. I’m sure it won’t, but a girl can dream can’t she? I try to be a good wife and mom – cleaning the home, making dinners, teaching those boys some manners, and still remembering to have fun. I love both of my children to pieces, and I am fortunate to have a loving, supportive, fantastic husband. Oh, did I mention he’s a computer genius. We make a great team!

On the science front, I like to believe I am changing the world. I  love bench work, in spite of the daily disappointments, and I have a few publications under my belt. Science really is fun, and I enjoy making discoveries. I like the flexibility of being a lab rat (no need to clock in/out, I can make my own hours) and I like the camaraderie in academic science, but at this point I am open to trying new things. I consider myself at the beginning of a long and hopefully very productive scientific career. Watch out world!

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