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“Buzz Lightbeer”

Big T earned a Buzz Lightyear last week. A real, full-size Buzz Lightyear. One of these:

Sometimes, he calls it Buzz Lightbeer. It’s from the movie…Woody the Cowboy once called Buzz “lightbeer”…it was funny. I promise.

He earned it by collecting “good behavior bricks”. We started him off with 5 bricks (yellow legos). He got a brick everytime he was well behaved, and lost a brick everytime he was naugthy. It took a whole week to earn 5 additional bricks. A WHOLE WEEK. He kept losing bricks for talking back and shoving his brother and not listening. It was exhausting. But we got there. And he got it. What’s funny is that now that he has the bricks, we still use them as bargaining chips for good behaviour, even though there is no longer a prize attached to them. Which is nice, cause that could get expensive.

We took the kids to see Toy Story 3 and ever since, Big T has been obsessed with the characters. Little T did not make it past the opening credits, so I spent most of the time standing outside. But somehow, I still enjoyed myself, and I caught enough of the movie to get the gist of it. It was our first time of taking him to see a feature length movie, and there was no drama. Well, little to no drama. Big T ate popcorn, Little T ate M&Ms, and we bonded as a family.

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“I like your eyeballs, Mommy”

Ok, first of all, noone has ever told me they like my eyeballs. I was all like sweeeeeeeet! Someone likes my eyeballs for who they are.  That someone being Big T. I mean, I had always considered my eyeballs to me kind of nondescript. But he likes them. He really, really likes them.

In the same conversation, Big T told me that he likes ME (all of me, not just my eyeballs), and he likes my eyebrows, all 4 of them. Yes, he said 4. Naturally, I ran to the mirror to make sure I did not actually have 2 sets of eyebrows. Afterall, I have been slacking a bit in the tweezing department. But I did not think I was slacking off that much. After making sure that I did not in fact have 4 eyebrows, I went back to Big T to clarify what he meant. He then touched my real eyebrows…good…then he touched my eyeLASHES. OHHHHHH! Ha!! Those. So then of course I corrected him, and told him those were lashes.

Phew. I was concerned for a moment!

Anyway, I am feeling a lot of love from the little guy these days. Wonder how long this will last. I am enjoying it. Very much.

“I don’t want shorts, I need pants”

It is officially shorts weather!!!!

Apparently, the temps will be in the 80’s all week, and there will be sunny skies :)…still, Big T put up a fight this morning about wearing shorts. He I guess the boy is attached to his jeans and corduroys. I finally got him to put them on by telling him they were “short pants”. Not shorts. Short pants. I am so glad Little T is not to that phase yet. He is cool with whatever outfit I pick out. Now, actually getting the clothes on him requires a lot of effort, and is like wrestling a baby alligator. Sometimes I wish I could just send him off to daycare in his diaper.

To prepare myself for shorts weather, I have been trying to eat right and exercise. Running 2-4 days a week. Not sure how I will keep up with it now that it’s getting so hot out…

I have also discovered greek yogurt. YUM! So here’s my breakfast of champions: Greek yogurt and coffee

“Red and blue make purple”

I realized a couple of days ago that I no longer know the extent of Big T’s vocabulary. I no longer know the limits of his knowledge. Gone are the days when we knew exactly what he did and did not know. On some level I am sad about it. It is fully hitting me that Mr T and I and our small circle of family and friends are not the only influences in his life. He knows things. Things I did not teach him. Like how caterpillars turn into butterflies, and the fact that blue and red make purple, and he knows that chocolate cheerios are delicious. And he recognized a rice krispie treat, even though that was my first time of ever offering one to him.

My babies.

I have to remember  – we…Mr T and I…are responsible for teaching our children the important stuff – faith, love, family, values, the birds and the bees…All of those things have to come from us. We cannot and must not limit their learning and interaction with the world. We certainly will not be able to teach them everything, but we have a responsibility to give them a solid foundation. One they can build a full life upon.

One day, and sooner that I expect, these children are going to know more about more things. They will be teaching me stuff. Even though today, I cannot fathom how that could even be possible, I KNOW THAT IT WILL HAPPEN. And I will rejoice when it happens. I must rejoice.

“I will talk the left way”

 Sometimes, Big T just likes to be contrary.

Ok, a lot of the time. Just wants to be ornery, and do the opposite of what I say. I’m working hard to nip that one in the bud.

This week, Mr. T has been out of sorts because he had a laser refractory (eye) surgery procedure called LASEK. Not LASIK…LASEK. There is a fine line between the two…LASEK apparently carries less risk, but is much more painful, with a longer recovery time. He’s feeling much better, and his sight has improved. Perhaps no more glasses for him. Forever.

Anyway, I digress…

My point is, Mr T couldn’t even really see to help a lot with taking care of the kids. Maybe Big T was trying to take advantage of the situation. Among his many shenanigans, he decided to start talking with a lisp. I kid you not. A LISP. Why??? Saying things like

“I want thome cheerioth”


“I like Thomath and Perthy and Jameth”


“Ith thith my thweater?”

How annoying is that? Especially since I know he knows how to say thothe those words. So that? It’s contagious.

So I laid down the law. I said to him

“I’m not going to respond to you unless you pronounce your words the right way”

and he counters with

“I’m going to say them the LEFT way”

Really? The LEFT WAY? Really?

(But we had a good laugh about it later. He cracks me up!)

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“Put him in the exersaucer”

Basically, Big T wanted us to confine Little T so that Little T would not mess with his trains.

That’s just not right…

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the exersaucer, and we do use it on ocassion. In fact, sometimes Little T himself will go stand up against it and play with the toys, so we just put him in it. But Big T suggesting that Little T should go in it just for his own convenience is a little…diabolical.

Little T took his first step on Saturday evening. Pretty soon he’ll be walking for real, and then Big T will be in real trouble. Little T is also sprouting another tooth. Just milestones all over the place.

Speaking of milestones, I recently reached one at work, and I am really excited that things are going so well 🙂

Today is one of those days when I feel like I’m doing the whole wife, mom, phd thing well. I’m really doing it. I know days will come when I won’t feel so accomplished. I had better bask in the glow today.

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“this is the best birthday ever!”

Today, my big boy turned 4!!!! Time flies. Just yesterday, I was being cut open …etc, etc…you get it…

 I think he had a most awesome day! A day full of cupcakes and ice-cream and candy and toys and happy birthday songs and phone calls from everybody. Just a MOST AWESOME DAY!

Now he really gets the whole birthday thing. The whole day he was well aware of the fact that he was the star of the show. And he was

He shared cupcakes with his friends at pre-school. They were store-bought cupcakes. No way I’m making 2 dozen cupcakes on a Tuesday night. Jus’ sayin’

He liked the frosting much more than he did the cake. Check out the blue frosting beard…

You may also notice that he’s wearing a Thomas Shirt in this pic. For more  on Thomas, see this post. Also, I want to mention that in no way did Little T try to usurp Big T’s special day. Little T was just as sweet and gracious as can be. Fine, he does not “get” the whole birthday thing yet, but whatever… see this post on Little T’s birthday, and how Big T tried to stage a hostile take-over.

It was a good day and I am SO glad.

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“Cake is good for me. It makes me grow…”

“…and I’ll be big like daddy.”

Yesterday was Little T’s birthday. My baby is one! Seriously, that boy is so doggone cute! SO SO SO friendly, good natured, and so happy! Just an EASY baby. I mean, babies are never easy. But Little T is on the easy end as babies go.

Of course, Little T had to share his birthday with his big brother. Some of the highlights of the (shared) birthday celebration:

1) We lit the birthday candle, sang happy Birthday, and Big T blew out the candle. We re-lit the candle and tried again. Big T blew it out again. So we gave up. Maybe Little T will blow out his own birthday candles next year.

2) Big T tried to open all of Little T’s presents, and “share” them. Big T actually got a small gift for himself. Here’s why: I don’t want him growing up to hate valentine’s day (although, I’m thinking that may not be so terrible…). Anyway, because it was valentine’s day, Mr. T and I exchanged small gifts and cards, and since it was also Little T’s birthday, he received a few presents. It occurred to me that Big T might not like being left out of all the gift-giving, so we bought him a tiny, tiny set of lego pieces as a valentine’s day gift.

3) Big T knows his own birthday is coming up, but he keeps insisting he’s going to be one, and that Little T is four. Too funny!

Some of Big T’s other questions/comments:

“Is it MY birthday?”

“Can I open this present?”

“Will he share this toy with me?”

“Is this MY cake?”

“Can I have more cake?”

followed by the “cake is good for me…” comment.

The Birthday was fun. We enjoyed our time with family…Oh and the cake…we had a GIANT cake. It was delicious. And impressive. And yummy. Did I mention, it tasted great…especially the frosting…

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