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“Is it my birthday?”


Once we crossed the threshold into 2013, the kids only have one thing on their little minds – BIRTHDAYS!

Since their Birthdays are in February and March (turning 4 and 7…eeek, so grown) they know that they’ll be celebrating sooner rather than later. All day I get questions like “how many weeks till my birthday?” and “will I have lots of presents?”

They are excited, so I am getting kinda excited! Birthdays really are the best.

“What’s wrong with your eyes?”

I did a post a while back about my favorite aspects of springtime

Here are my top 10 least favorite things about spring

10) Allergies – I suffer from it. Bad

9)The weather is a bit ok, a lot bi-polar. high 70s one day, low 40s the next

8)Allergies – Mr T suffers from it. Bad.

7)Filing Taxes

6)Not knowing how to dress – too cold in the morning, too warm in the afternoon…

5)Allergies – Both Kids suffer from it. Bad.

4)Having a hard time getting the kids to bed at night, since it is still so light outside.

3)Having to work off the winter weight – I can no longer hide under a jacket or a sweater

2) Having to pack up all my cool boots and scarves.

1)Did I mention Allergies? Ugh.

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Blog business

SO I’m toying with the idea of having some recurrent sections in the blog

A)Daily dish – recipes and other domestically inclined things. probably weekly. I try to be domestic, but I am not quite that domestic.

B)Science re-cap – re-cap of news/groundbreaking research in the world of bomedical research. weekly, or maybe twice monthly. It’ll be fun.

C) favorite things. You now, like Letterman’s top 10 list, only cooler and more relevant.


And to kick off favorites…here’s a list of my top 5 favorite radio songs. You know, the type of song you hit when you’re radio-surfing, and you just have to crank it up…or it comes on the radio in your car just when you pull into your destination, and you sit in your parked car and listen to whole song…

5) Strawberry Wine – Deanna Carter

4) Hotel California – The Eagles

3) Always Be My Baby – Mariah Carey

2) Nightshift – The Commodores

1) Walking in Memphis – Marc Cohn


Thanks to those who have been faithfully reading so far. Expect more pictures, and more fun updates in the future!!! Happy Listening!!


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