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“Is it my birthday?”


Once we crossed the threshold into 2013, the kids only have one thing on their little minds – BIRTHDAYS!

Since their Birthdays are in February and March (turning 4 and 7…eeek, so grown) they know that they’ll be celebrating sooner rather than later. All day I get questions like “how many weeks till my birthday?” and “will I have lots of presents?”

They are excited, so I am getting kinda excited! Birthdays really are the best.

“Don’t be Sarcastic. You don’t want me sarcastic”

My kids are little sponges.

They pick up on everything and they are able to apply words and attitudes to their everyday conversation with ease. I mean, I am usually careful with my words around them , but I am less so with the eyerolls and the sarcastic tone. Sometimes we s-p-e-l-l things out, but with Big T’s spelling getting better and better, this is becoming much harder to get away with.

Guess I gotta lead by example – watch my words AND my actions. Man parenting is not an easy gig.

The kids are alright

They are 5 and 2 now. They both had birthdays ¬†ūüôā

Big T – Had a super awesome spiderman themed birthday party. He was so proud to turn 5. It was completely adorable. And fun. Except for the throwing up. And the kid with the migraine. Totally unforseen.

Little T’s birthday was more low-key. Except for the humongous birthday cake. And the snow storm that stranded most of our guests for the night.¬†Totally unexpected.

But the kids are alright. Better than alright. ūüôā

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Over the last six months we have been going through a major spiderman phase. All I hear is

“spiderman this…”

¬†“spiderman that…”

“Did you know that Peter Benjamin Parker turns into spiderman?”

(Yes, Big T knows his middle name too)

I tell you, the boy is IN LOVE with spiderman. He wants to clinb walls and web-sling and catch bad guys just like spiderman. Me? I am just so-so when it comes to spidey. I mean, I like the guy ok…

Apparently, Big T is not alone when it comes to the being obsessed with the masked crusader. There is a play currently on broadway, and Spiderman 3, the movie is in production.

Seriously? Spiderman on Broadway??????????

See for yourself.

You’re not a hero. You don’t have a cape and you don’t fly. You’re just a little girl.

A little girl?


I have to say, I have not been called a little girl since…since…I was a little girl.

Big T came up to me, and made me turn around to verify that I did not indeed have a cape, and thus I cannot fly. SO, no hero status for me.

You know what though, ALL moms are heroes. All the sacrifices, the hours spent worrying about them, trying to do what’s best for them.¬†Making¬†¬†them eat their veggies. Sharing your last M&M with them. Protecting them from cutting¬†their tongue to pieces by licking ketchup off a knife (this really almost happened).

 I am a hero, gosh darnit.

*off to make me a cape*


Excuse me. Excuse me again. Excuse me a third…Excuse me a fifth!

Big T, he is one polite little boy. Even though we¬†usually can’t¬†¬†hear or smell it, he insists on excusing himself everytime he passes gas. Every single time. Even if it is ten times in a row. It is funny. And also mortifying. Especially since he follows up with

¬†“I am just FARTING so much”

Like I said, he is such an example of great manners.

“I don’t like it when you sing with me”

This kid, I call him “self-esteem booster”

It doesn’t matter that I’ve known most of said songs since before he was born. Like way way way¬†before he was born. Whatevs kid. I practically wrote the song. Pleeeease.

Ok, so I did not write that particular song. Or have I ever written any song…but no matter. I could have.

And so I sing.

And he screams at me.

And I keep singing.

What are children for if you can’t mess with them sometimes?

“He’s not a boy…he’s a baby”

Big T still insists that Little T¬†is not a boy. “He’s just a baby” Big T says. And then I have to counter with “maybe he’s a baby boy…”

We had Little T’s 15 month appointment on Thursday. He is healthy, happy, and just¬†perfect. According to the physical development charts for boys age 0-36 months, he is in the 10th percentile for weight and in the 32nd percentile for height. As far as head circumference goes, he is in the 87th percentile. Not that I place too much stock in those charts.

Still…¬†Little Baby, Big Head.

At the well-baby appointments, they have this checklist of “milestones”. I think it’s called the Ages and Stages questionnaire. One of the questions was:

“If you put a cheerio in a clear plastic bottle, does your baby turn it upside down to get the cheerio out?”

I remember trying something like¬†this with Little T when he was about¬†11 months old. We were home and bored (I think it was one of those horribly cold days in January…) Anyway, to keep Little T busy, I put some cheerios in the bottom of a mason jar and¬†let him go to town.

First he tried to put his right hand in the jar

Then he put his left hand in the jar

He eventually grabbed a cheerio, but his little fist made it impossible to withdraw his hand

Finally he knocked the jar over.


I had so much fun watching that whole process. Today he would not even think twice before knocking the jar over to get the cheerios out.

Baby boys…in a few short months they develop into actual boys.


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