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“What the heck is going on?”

Big T’s new favorite phrase. At least he’s not saying “he!!”. Still, everytime he says it (in the loudest, most surprised tone he can muster) I cringe. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think he got this particular phrase from me, but I can’t be 100% sure. Afterall, I have said “what the heck is going on?” on occassion, and while I do try to not say things like that in front of the little sponge, I may have slipped.

 I like to think he got it from Toy Story or some other disney movie. Yes, I’ll do that…blame Disney. Not that this makes me a better mom – I let my kids watch Disney movies with the word “heck” in it…

Little T is getting so BIG! One thing he does now is throw a little hissy fit whenever he does not get his way. He throws himself on the floor (carefully) and cries. What a diva! And we are now up to 6 full teeth. Although the lack of teeth has never hindered eating. Now he just bites more. Like he’ll randomly nip you on the shoulder or something. They’re almost like loving nips, but not really. I mean, he’s BITING! I always give him a stern look with a “NO THANK YOU, NO BITING” and he gets the message

It’s always something new with these kids!

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“Red and blue make purple”

I realized a couple of days ago that I no longer know the extent of Big T’s vocabulary. I no longer know the limits of his knowledge. Gone are the days when we knew exactly what he did and did not know. On some level I am sad about it. It is fully hitting me that Mr T and I and our small circle of family and friends are not the only influences in his life. He knows things. Things I did not teach him. Like how caterpillars turn into butterflies, and the fact that blue and red make purple, and he knows that chocolate cheerios are delicious. And he recognized a rice krispie treat, even though that was my first time of ever offering one to him.

My babies.

I have to remember  – we…Mr T and I…are responsible for teaching our children the important stuff – faith, love, family, values, the birds and the bees…All of those things have to come from us. We cannot and must not limit their learning and interaction with the world. We certainly will not be able to teach them everything, but we have a responsibility to give them a solid foundation. One they can build a full life upon.

One day, and sooner that I expect, these children are going to know more about more things. They will be teaching me stuff. Even though today, I cannot fathom how that could even be possible, I KNOW THAT IT WILL HAPPEN. And I will rejoice when it happens. I must rejoice.

“Let’s count the spots on your face, mommy”


Let’s just say I’m completely mortified.  I wonder what he was referring to as spots…

1) Acne?

2)my giant pores?

3)blackheads? (ew. I hope not)

4)mysterious rash?

5)The polka dots I painted on my face? (nope…I don’t recall ever painting any spots on my face.)

5) other?

 Seriously, kids have no filter. Until they get one, we have to bear the brunt of their harsh comments.


“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”


The preschool has been celebrating “Earth Day” all week. Big T came home singing this song:

 “Na na na na na” (I don’t remember the words)

“it’s what we wanna do”

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

And he sings it at the randomest times. Like when he’s eating dinner, or reading a bedtime story. At least something is sinking in.

I have been trying to reinforce what he is learning at pre-school, and I found that recycling is the easiest concept to grasp/practice with a 4 year old. To that end, we have been discussing what kinds of things can be recycled, and where we put the recycling. As usual, he is super enthusiastic about it. We will tackle reduce and reuse too…eventually.

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“It’s for show-and-tell”

Big T wanted to bring his Lightning McQueen cars to school, and I said “No, thank you” and then he said “but, it’s for show-and-tell” and I said “still, the answer is no

Turns out they don’t do show-and-tell in his class. I asked his teacher. They did do it at his previous pre-school…the one he attended A YEAR AGO…but not this one.

I am sad my kid tried to lie just to get his way. Glad I called his bluff, but sad he lied.

We are gonna have to have a conversation tonite 🙁

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“I will talk the left way”

 Sometimes, Big T just likes to be contrary.

Ok, a lot of the time. Just wants to be ornery, and do the opposite of what I say. I’m working hard to nip that one in the bud.

This week, Mr. T has been out of sorts because he had a laser refractory (eye) surgery procedure called LASEK. Not LASIK…LASEK. There is a fine line between the two…LASEK apparently carries less risk, but is much more painful, with a longer recovery time. He’s feeling much better, and his sight has improved. Perhaps no more glasses for him. Forever.

Anyway, I digress…

My point is, Mr T couldn’t even really see to help a lot with taking care of the kids. Maybe Big T was trying to take advantage of the situation. Among his many shenanigans, he decided to start talking with a lisp. I kid you not. A LISP. Why??? Saying things like

“I want thome cheerioth”


“I like Thomath and Perthy and Jameth”


“Ith thith my thweater?”

How annoying is that? Especially since I know he knows how to say thothe those words. So that? It’s contagious.

So I laid down the law. I said to him

“I’m not going to respond to you unless you pronounce your words the right way”

and he counters with

“I’m going to say them the LEFT way”

Really? The LEFT WAY? Really?

(But we had a good laugh about it later. He cracks me up!)

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“The baby is awake…”

This morning, Big T was having breakfast in the kitchen downstairs, and Little T was sleeping in his crib upstairs.

We heard Little T waking up and making sounds in his crib (yeah, did I mention we live in a small house?)…


Big T says “Mommy, the baby is awake. Maybe you should go wipe his nose

This is an indication of how many colds/runny noses/allergies we have had to deal with this year. It is not as fun as you might imagine. Little T in particular hates having his nose wiped. We have to wrestle. And we buy the really really soft tissues. The kind with lotion in it. Still, we have to pin him down in order to wipe his nose. For some reason, he does not really appreciate the fact that we get the lotiony tissues just for him.

Hopefully, this is the worst of it. At least they never got seriously sick.

And Little T’s nose did not need wiping today!!!!

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“Go have adventures!”

Big T does this new thing. Everytime Mr T is leaving the house for whatever reason, he’ll ask to go with him (’cause you know, they’re BFFs). If told that he cannot go to work/the bank/the gym with Daddy, he’ll reluctantly let him go. And then 5 seconds later will RUN to the door saying “I forgot to tell him something!!!” Then he’ll fling open the door and shout something like

have fun working out, Daddy”  OR

I love you so much, Daddy”  OR

have a good time, Daddy” 

But yesterday, it was different. He shouted

go have adventures!”

And Mr T went off to have adventures (actually, he went back to work…)

And the the kids and I hung out all evening. We listened to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” at least 10 times on my ipod (it was at least 9 times too many for me), and then we tried to get Little T to walk some more (we are up to like 10 steps!!!), and then we ate brown rice jollof rice. Before I knew it, it was my favorite time of the day- BEDTIME!

Is it bad that I look forward to their bedtime (even more than I look forward to mine?)


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