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Another milestone

Today, I passed another milestone on the road to becoming I sat for the USMLE step 2CK examination. Nine grueling hours. 350 questions. Done.

How do I feel? Tired. Drained. Worried. Relieved. Happy. Hopeful. Worried.

I am so glad this is over. No more BIG exams for a while.

Time to Relax. And spend quality time with my family.

Happy New Year

Things have been changing for WifeMomPhD.

In August of 2012 I started an MD program, and I am now more than half-way through. It has been a wild ride. M1 and M2 years were fun. Even with all the stress of studying, anatomy labs, exams and papers due, I would not change anything. I have made many lovely friends, and learned a lot, not just about medicine but about myself. Now I’m halfway through M3 year and getting closer to the day I’ll have to decide on the medical specialty that will shape my career. I am trying not to be overwhelmed by the decision. But it IS a big, BIG decision. And I have to make it soon.

The kids are getting bigger, smarter and more sassy by the day. Mr T is doing Mr T thangs. We are in a good place with the future looking bright.

This year, there are so many things I want to do better. I intend to take things I already do, and do them better. Eat better, dress better, parent better, be a better spouse, manage my time better, sleep better. In all of this, I want to practice mindfulness daily. By being mindful and being in the moment, BETTER will come a little easier. One of my biggest material losses came early last year when I lost my wedding ring. It was during a stressful time and I was not being mindful of things. After that, I began to practice deliberateness and mindfulness. Being in the moment, and minimizing multi-tasking. It has been good for my mind and my soul. You should try it. 🙂

Make it a good year.

Happy New Year!

Farmhouse kitchen

Ideas for my farmhouse kitchen. You know, dreaming about the future and making plans 🙂

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“Mom, am I a black or a white?”

Yep, my 6 year old just asked me this. To which I responded “what difference does it make?”

I was sort of taken aback my the question, but I was not entirely shocked. This kid hears and internalized everything. I tried to help him understand that people come in all different shades, and inside, where it really matters, we are all the same. He seemed satisfied with that answer.

Complicated world we live in.

I just want to protect my innocent boys. I want to tell them that people will be nice to them and not deliberately try to hurt them. I want to tell them that they will always be safe and cared for. But I know that I can only do my best for them and leave the rest in God’s hands.


“He punched himself”

Boys were in the bathtub together. All of a sudden, Little T starts crying.
Me: “What happened?”
BigT: “LittleT punched himself”
LittleT: “BigT punched me”
Apparently, BigT used LittleT’s hand to punch LittleT in the face


“I will make the buttmaker 3000”

I’m baaaaaaack!!!

Yes, it has been over 2 months since I last posted anything. And what a crazy couple of months it has been!

We moved. Moving is always crazy. Crazy busy, crazy expensive and just crazy crazy. And it was just a cross-town move. I really do not like moving. The kids have adjusted well to their new surroundings. In fact they love it so much that whenever Big T is mad at me, he threatens to send me back to the old house.

Both kids are in a new childcare situation. They like it so far.

Big T had a really scary episode of respiratory distress. Not fun times. He was excited to ride in the ambulance though. We are so thankful to God that he is fine now.

Little T is now walking. Running, even. And using words. Real words, not the nonsense gurgling. He even said “I love you” the other day. It sounded more like “I ei ouu” but I KNEW what he meant. Also he has more teeth. Molars.

Speaking of Molars, Mr T got his wisdom teeth extracted. All four of them 🙁

And me, I am the executive manager of the household. This means I pass out on the couch at 10 pm every night.

Like I said, we have been busy. But we are also blessed. Very blessed 🙂

You may wonder what the title of this post has to do with anything. I am not quite sure myself. I do know it’s something Big T said. It was funny at the time. It was hilarious. I promise. Oh, wait I remember…something about the buttmaker 3000 being able to transform your butt from one without a tail to one with a tail. Isn’t that something everyone wants?

“I don’t like it when you sing with me”

This kid, I call him “self-esteem booster”

It doesn’t matter that I’ve known most of said songs since before he was born. Like way way way before he was born. Whatevs kid. I practically wrote the song. Pleeeease.

Ok, so I did not write that particular song. Or have I ever written any song…but no matter. I could have.

And so I sing.

And he screams at me.

And I keep singing.

What are children for if you can’t mess with them sometimes?

“It looks like a red blood smile”

Big T got a blister on his ankle (from his sandals, I think). It had bled a little, and was starting to form a small red scab, and Big T said to me “it looks like a red blood smile”. How incredibly cute is that????

First of all, I don’t even know where he got that. Second of all, he absolutely refuses to be corrected. “Red blood CELL” I said. “NO! Red blood SMILE!” he countered. And I smiled. Maybe our red blood cells do smile. After all they are bi-concave discs so they have a speciale shape. Actually, of all the formed elements in blood (i.e. the non liquid parts like red and white blood cells and platelets), red blood cells are my favorites. For real. What? Not everyone has a favorite blood cell? Well, everyone should. Jus’ sayin’

Last time I went to the doctor though, I was told MY red blood cells were not up to snuff. Nothing serious, just a slight anemia. It is the ultimate betrayal, isn’t it? I love them and I have been like a mother to them, and in return, I am rewarded with them being slightly sub-par in their iron content. Boo. so I get to eat more iron-rich foods, and take supplements.

Since I know you all were on the ede of youe seats wondering what a red blood cells look like, here’s a picture, courtesy of the Encyclopedia Brittanica:

Are they not the cutest things ever? Plus they kind of keep us alive so I do appreciate them.

 I know I went all weird and sciency today, but it was worth it, right?

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