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“I heard the tornado siren”

CRAZY DAY weather wise




There was an earthquake in Canada yesterday and we felt tremors. Then later on in the evening, there was a tornado warning. Which apparently is more severe that a tornado watch. What do I know?

For the first time, my son (and me) heard tornado sirens, and had to take cover. I guess it was “natural disaster day” around here.


“I’m Bad”

Big T is and has always been a music lover. Any kind of music. When he was 18 months old, his favorite song was “Open Arms” by Journey. Seriously, my then 18 month old was singing along to Journey. But then again what’s not to love about Journey? I’m a fan. Not a big, huge fan, but I dig their music, and I do like that one song “Don’t stop believing“…(who doesn’t?)

Anywaaaaaay, a few weeks ago, Big T discovered Michael Jackson. Naturally, we were excited that our son was recognizing the classics. So he was listening to the different songs, and singing along. We let him. No harm in it, right? Plus, we thought it was cute, and it was funny to see his MJ impressions.

It was all fun and games until he took one of the songs literally and decided that he wanted to be bad. Yep, the song “Bad” must have really resonated with him. No amount of persuasion and reasoning would convince him that being good was the way to go. We tried to tell him “No, you are very very good, and we like you good” and he responds with “but I want to be bad…”  I am not even sure he knows what constitues “bad”…since we tend to use words like “naughty” or “not being a good listener” to express our displeasure at less-than-stellar behaviour. Afterall, we are good parents who read all the books and know that it’s bad to call kids “bad”. At least that’s what the child psychologists say. Or maybe I just made that up. Whatever.

Needless to say, no more MJ around here…

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“He’s only a little bit cute”

So this morning, I was telling Little T “you’re VEEEEEEEERY cute” and Big T chimes in with “No, he’s not…He’s only a little bit cute”

Am I detecting a little jealousy there???? Is it rearing it’s ugly head already, or am I reading too much into this?

In my opinion, they are BOTH veeeeery cute!


“Lets read these 4 books”

We love reading.

OK let me clarify…I LOVE reading, Big T loves being read to, Little T loves playing with the books, and Mr T thinks if a book is good enough, the movie will be made.

A couple of days ago, Big T brought me 4 books to read to him. They were short. Still…FOUR! He sat there and listened as I read each one. I did enjoy doing that. He is also learning letter sounds, and how to spell and sound out words. He does recognize and can spell a few words. Words like cars, toy (and Story), Thomas, go, stop…He is well on his way to reading. I predict that in six months or so, with some encouragement, he should be reading simple books independently! YAY!

I recently obtainedMalla Nunn’s second book. (see short, short, teeny-tiny review of first book here). This second book, “Let the dead lie” looks like another good one…I can’t wait to get lost in it. 🙂

Let the summer of fun and reading begin!

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“Mommy is old. She is older than you, Daddy”

This is so NOT true. I am not older than Mr T. Although if I were I would totally own up to it. But I’m not.

Did I mention I just had a birthday? Yeah, I did. I had to share it with Big T. I don’t not mind though. I am now in my thirties. I can now be referred to as “thirty-something”. I don’t mind that either. Being “thirty-something” means that I know who I am, I know what I believe in, I know what I like and what I don’t like, I know how I like my steak (a bit bloody), I know how I like my men (how I like my MAN, really)…

I don’t know everything, but I am finally developing a confidence that comes with age (and parenting). I stand up for myself more. I know my strengths. I know my weaknesses. I know what I am good at, and what I am not so great at. I know who my real friends are, and I can identify my frenemies. I am finally learning that letting go is not always bad, and holding on isn’t necessarily good.

In all of this, I still don’t know what I’m going to be when I “grow up”. Where is this science thing going to take me? How will I change the world?

 Because I WILL change the world.

PS: I’m thirty-one. Yeah, that’s “thirty-something”…What?



This is what Big T calls sunscreen

This is also what happens when one gets sunscreen in the eye! YEOUCH!!

So it is officially warm weather season – 3.5 months from late spring to early fall. (yep, that’s all we get per year around here. 3.5 months of warm weather, and 8.5 months of sucky weather, but I digress…). Warm weather season means the kids play out in the sun all day. Yes, it’s true, we as a family are not melanin challenged. However, I still feel the need to protect their delicate baby skin. So there I was, in the suncreen aisle at Target…confused, not knowing which one to get…what level of SPF? spray or lotion? Neutrogena or Coppertone? AAARGH!!

In honor of all this mayhem, I have compiled a list of my top five pet peeves about suncreen

5) I feel ridiculous even buying it. For real. Like how the average caucasian would feel buying jherri curl activator. No wait…bad analogy…anyone would feel ridiculous buying jherri curl activator…

4) Not the best smell ever.

3) Apparently it expires within a year, so I have to buy more next year???

2)Speaking of which…that junk is expensive!!! Seriously??? The Neutrogena stuff was $8 for 4 ounces. ON SALE! It is the fleecing of non-sun worshippers everywhere.

1) SUNSCREAM!!! (yeah, I got suncreen in my eye this morning).

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“Tak oooo”

Little T has quite a few words now. The one he says the most (by far) AND in context is “Thank you“. But it sounds more like “tak oooo”.

Literally the cutest Thank you EVER.

At least I am raising a polite young man. I ran into a lady in the hallway at work yesterday. Rude, rude, rude as can be. She was lost and needed directions. And apparently maybe she thought I worked for her or something. She came to me asking for directions. I have to admit, I chuckled a bit, because she was waaaay lost. Like “how did you get here if you were trying to go there” kind of lost. But it wasn’t a condescending chuckle. It was a commiserating kind of chuckle. Anyway. I went above and beyond. I walked her half-way to her destination, and then I gave her excellent directions the rest of the way.

aaaaaand…she strode off without a second look at me


Oh she also said “oh yes, yes, that’s where I got lost, got it now” before she strode off.

And then I said “you’re welcome”. But I don’t think the ungrateful, entitled broad with the chip on her shoulder heard me.

I think Little T could have taught her a couple of words. words like “tak oooo”. I didn’t help just to receive a thank you. But it sure would have been nice to hear.

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“Make it a really BIG one!”

You know what I like?


They are so fragile, so beautiful, so…perfect. Even the imperfect ones, the ones that look like a fusion of a big bubble and 3 little bubbles…even those ones are gorgeous. They catch the light and just float free. There’s just something about bubbles. Something. Makes me feel carefree, and reminds me of warm happy summer months. Times spent playing outside and being a kid all over again. What I’d really love to do is walk through a forest of bubbles. But then they’d all pop as I brush past them, and that would be sad.

Tonight Big T and I played with Bubbles outside for a few minutes before bedtime. He kept asking me to make them bigger and bigger, and  he would only pop the really big ones.

The ones that escape Big T’s popping fingers float away and…*pop*

Not to get all deep and everything, but the bubbles also remind of the fragility of life. Here one moment and gone the next. Enjoy it while you can. Float as high as you can. Travel as far as possible. Let the world see you shimmer in the light.


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