Big T does this new thing. Everytime Mr T is leaving the house for whatever reason, he’ll ask to go with him (’cause you know, they’re BFFs). If told that he cannot go to work/the bank/the gym with Daddy, he’ll reluctantly let him go. And then 5 seconds later will RUN to the door saying “I forgot to tell him something!!!” Then he’ll fling open the door and shout something like

have fun working out, Daddy”  OR

I love you so much, Daddy”  OR

have a good time, Daddy” 

But yesterday, it was different. He shouted

go have adventures!”

And Mr T went off to have adventures (actually, he went back to work…)

And the the kids and I hung out all evening. We listened to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” at least 10 times on my ipod (it was at least 9 times too many for me), and then we tried to get Little T to walk some more (we are up to like 10 steps!!!), and then we ate brown rice jollof rice. Before I knew it, it was my favorite time of the day- BEDTIME!

Is it bad that I look forward to their bedtime (even more than I look forward to mine?)

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