Yep, I got put in time-out last night by Big T.

Mr. T had made some sort of smart-alecky comment to me last night and I threw a foam block at him. Big T saw me throwing toys (a big No-No) so I had to sit in time-out on the steps. I kept talking to Mr. T while in time-out , and I was reminded “No talking, you’re in time-out”

Finally (3-ish minutes later) he let me go, and proceeded to ask me “do you know why you were in time-out?”

And I said (sheepishly) “because I threw the block”

And Big T responded “Well…you can open my treat now”

How does this even work? I get time-out, and he gets a treat?

hahahaha. It was cute. and an eerie reenactment of how things go around here.

My only regret is that I did not get enough time in time-out. The rule of thumb is 1 minute for every year.  As a thirty year-old, I am entitled to 30 minutes of peace and quiet by myself. Uh, I meant to say…I deserve to be punished for 30 minutes in time-out.

I only got 3 minutes. Oh well.

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