This particular quote by Big T is neither groundbreaking nor earthshattering. The boy is almost 4. He does know how to say goodmorning. In context. In two languages. This morning though…this morning, he saw me when he woke up, and he said “good morning, mommy” COMPLETELY UNPROVOKED! I mean, he was not his usual grumpy-face-I-hate-mornings self. He was…agreeable.

He did draw the line at giving me a goodmorning kiss though. I know, he gave me an inch and I tried to take a mile.

It totally made my day. Which was a good thing. Not that my day went downhill after that. The day was ok. Good, even. My experiments are working (for the most part) The Boss paid me a few compliments about my work, saying things like “Good work” and “You would be an outstanding candidate (for a particular fellowship)” and “you rock my world”. OK, not so much the last one…

But still. yet. I am not at ease. I am worried today. About several things. Experiments being one of them. The work I am doing is has so much potential…possibly will bring a greater understanding to the field… I am worried about contamination, worried about backing up ALL my data, and just worried in general that people may have a hard time buying it. But I have to be confident in the fact that I have done good work.  I have to stay focused, and keep working, make sure I have all the right controls, make sure I keep backing up data and samples…

Also I am worried about money. Daycare dollars were due today. OUCH! We also need to purchase at least 3 new car seats for the boys. DOUBLE OUCH!!

I have to keep trusting God. He is the one that has provided ALL our needs thus far!

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