Big T had a fun time at The Boss’ Christmas party. This had everything to do with the fact that The Boss has 2 young sons and their play room (which she was gracious enough to allow us to use) was chock-full of every little boy toy imaginable (hehe. I know, I said boy toy. But y’all now what I meant). Big T was in heaven in that play room. He did not want to leave. On the way home, he lets out this HUGE sigh, followed by “I sure had fun tonight”. It was too cute!

What a whirlwind weekend. The Christmas musical was way fun, and my dear friend Cheryl who played the lead role was phenomenal! I had a great time doing it too :). I got to hang out with friends while at the same time doing something that honors God. So yay!

Tomorrow – work; send out Christmas cards (late! I know. I may not even do them, but I already bought a bunch so I might as well try); Tackle that ever growing mountain of laundry. Seriously, where does it come from??? Maybe we should all be nudists, then I won’t have to deal with all that laundry. Ah crap, I forgot…nudist in winter = very bad idea.

Oh, and I’m going to attempt to make Christmas cookies. I think I’ll make shortbread.

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