Sometimes, Big T just likes to be contrary.

Ok, a lot of the time. Just wants to be ornery, and do the opposite of what I say. I’m working hard to nip that one in the bud.

This week, Mr. T has been out of sorts because he had a laser refractory (eye) surgery procedure called LASEK. Not LASIK…LASEK. There is a fine line between the two…LASEK apparently carries less risk, but is much more painful, with a longer recovery time. He’s feeling much better, and his sight has improved. Perhaps no more glasses for him. Forever.

Anyway, I digress…

My point is, Mr T couldn’t even really see to help a lot with taking care of the kids. Maybe Big T was trying to take advantage of the situation. Among his many shenanigans, he decided to start talking with a lisp. I kid you not. A LISP. Why??? Saying things like

“I want thome cheerioth”


“I like Thomath and Perthy and Jameth”


“Ith thith my thweater?”

How annoying is that? Especially since I know he knows how to say thothe those words. So that? It’s contagious.

So I laid down the law. I said to him

“I’m not going to respond to you unless you pronounce your words the right way”

and he counters with

“I’m going to say them the LEFT way”

Really? The LEFT WAY? Really?

(But we had a good laugh about it later. He cracks me up!)

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