Big T is very much into spelling everything. Last night he got a treat for being a good listener. One guess as to what the treat was…

( Hey, positive reinforcement works, and if it has to be candy, so be it.) 

Anyway, here are some of his other favorite words to spell:




We have only watched the movie Cars a least six hundred times. Aaaaand it was made by Disney/Pixar. Aaaaand we have watched it (as well as other movies) on HBO. Hence all the spelling words.

We have a TV and we watch it a lot. Sue me.

Anyway…we now have about 10 of the cars, and Big T just got a cool Mack truck play hut. It’s big enough for 2 children to play in, and it folds down easily.

Little T is not allowed to play in it, touch it, look at it, or even breathe in its general direction. I did not think I would have to break up fights so soon. Little T is still a baby. A really fiesty baby, but a baby nonetheless. Interestingly enough, he holds his own quite well against his brother. It’s insane I tell you.

(Just in case it’s not immediately obvious, there are 3 great parenting gems in today’s post – candy eating, TV watching and siblings fighting.)

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