You know what I like?


They are so fragile, so beautiful, so…perfect. Even the imperfect ones, the ones that look like a fusion of a big bubble and 3 little bubbles…even those ones are gorgeous. They catch the light and just float free. There’s just something about bubbles. Something. Makes me feel carefree, and reminds me of warm happy summer months. Times spent playing outside and being a kid all over again. What I’d really love to do is walk through a forest of bubbles. But then they’d all pop as I brush past them, and that would be sad.

Tonight Big T and I played with Bubbles outside for a few minutes before bedtime. He kept asking me to make them bigger and bigger, and  he would only pop the really big ones.

The ones that escape Big T’s popping fingers float away and…*pop*

Not to get all deep and everything, but the bubbles also remind of the fragility of life. Here one moment and gone the next. Enjoy it while you can. Float as high as you can. Travel as far as possible. Let the world see you shimmer in the light.


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