I did a post a while back about my favorite aspects of springtime

Here are my top 10 least favorite things about spring

10) Allergies – I suffer from it. Bad

9)The weather is a bit ok, a lot bi-polar. high 70s one day, low 40s the next

8)Allergies – Mr T suffers from it. Bad.

7)Filing Taxes

6)Not knowing how to dress – too cold in the morning, too warm in the afternoon…

5)Allergies – Both Kids suffer from it. Bad.

4)Having a hard time getting the kids to bed at night, since it is still so light outside.

3)Having to work off the winter weight – I can no┬álonger hide under a jacket or a sweater

2) Having to pack up all my cool boots and scarves.

1)Did I mention Allergies? Ugh.

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