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The kids are alright

They are 5 and 2 now. They both had birthdays ¬†ūüôā

Big T – Had a super awesome spiderman themed birthday party. He was so proud to turn 5. It was completely adorable. And fun. Except for the throwing up. And the kid with the migraine. Totally unforseen.

Little T’s birthday was more low-key. Except for the humongous birthday cake. And the snow storm that stranded most of our guests for the night.¬†Totally unexpected.

But the kids are alright. Better than alright. ūüôā

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“this is the best birthday ever!”

Today, my big boy turned 4!!!! Time flies. Just yesterday,¬†I was being cut open …etc, etc…you get it…

 I think he had a most awesome day! A day full of cupcakes and ice-cream and candy and toys and happy birthday songs and phone calls from everybody. Just a MOST AWESOME DAY!

Now he really gets the whole birthday thing. The whole day he was well aware of the fact that he was the star of the show. And he was

He shared cupcakes with his friends at pre-school. They were store-bought cupcakes. No way I’m making 2 dozen cupcakes on a Tuesday night. Jus’ sayin’

He liked the frosting much more than he did the cake. Check out the blue frosting beard…

You may also notice that he’s wearing a Thomas Shirt in this pic. For more¬† on Thomas, see this post. Also, I want to mention that in no way did Little T try to usurp Big T’s special day. Little T was just as sweet and gracious as can be. Fine, he does not “get” the whole birthday thing yet, but whatever…¬†see this post on Little T’s birthday, and how Big T tried to stage a hostile take-over.

It was a good day and I am SO glad.

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“Cake is good for me. It makes me grow…”

“…and I’ll be big like daddy.”

Yesterday was Little T’s birthday. My baby is one! Seriously, that boy is so doggone cute! SO SO SO¬†friendly, good natured, and so happy! Just an EASY baby. I mean, babies are never easy. But Little T is on the easy end as babies go.

Of course, Little T had to share his birthday with his big brother. Some of the highlights of the (shared) birthday celebration:

1) We lit the birthday candle, sang happy Birthday, and Big T blew out the candle. We re-lit the candle and tried again. Big T blew it out again. So we gave up. Maybe Little T will blow out his own birthday candles next year.

2) Big T tried to open all of Little T’s presents, and “share” them. Big T actually got a small gift for himself. Here’s why: I don’t want him growing up to hate valentine’s day (although,¬†I’m thinking that may not be so¬†terrible…). Anyway, because it was valentine’s day, Mr. T and I exchanged small gifts and cards, and since it was also Little T’s birthday, he received a few presents. It occurred to me that Big T might not like being left out of all the gift-giving, so we bought him a tiny, tiny set of lego pieces as a valentine’s day gift.

3) Big T knows his own birthday is coming up,¬†but he keeps insisting he’s going to be one, and that Little T is four.¬†Too funny!

Some of Big T’s other questions/comments:

“Is it MY birthday?”

“Can I open this present?”

“Will he share this toy with me?”

“Is this MY cake?”

“Can I have more cake?”

followed by the “cake is good for me…” comment.

The Birthday was fun. We enjoyed our time with family…Oh and the cake…we had a GIANT cake. It was delicious. And impressive. And yummy. Did I mention, it tasted great…especially the frosting…

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