Big T said that to me last night. hahahahaha. I wonder what he had on his mind…probably things like crayons and Thomas and lightning McQueen.

I often feel like I can’t think straight…I am pretty much always juggling a hundred things in my mind. Today, Mr. T called me “awesome” because he “does not know how I keep track everything”. I felt a warm glow come over me. I like being called awesome. Honestly, I don’t know how I keep track of things. I prioritize, and I let some things slide.

Speaking of higher mental faculties, I was listening the NPR Science Friday today. There was an interview with science journalist Mr. Jonah Lehrer, and they were talking about the neuroscience of decision making.  Here’s my favorite part of the discussion:

“One of the studies I talk about in the book concerns a study done by a Stanford psychologists who – they had two groups of people. One group they had memorize a two-digit number; the other group they had memorize a seven-digit number. Then they marched these two groups down the hall and gave them a choice between two snacks.

One snack was a rich, gooey slice of chocolate cake. The other snack was a responsible fruit salad. The people who memorized a two-digit number were twice as likely to choose the fruit salad as the people who memorized the seven-digit number, who were twice as likely to choose the chocolate cake. And the reason is that those extra five digits – doesn’t seem like very much information at all, just five extra numbers – so overwhelmed the prefrontal cortex that there wasn’t enough processing power leftover to exert self-control.

So that gives us a sense of just how limited in capacity our brain actually is and I think points to the fact that we should absolutely be aware of these limitations.

So that doesn’t necessarily mean, you know, you have to block out information and never use Google. I think it just means that we should be aware of this and that if you’ve had a hard day at work or if you’re trying to – you know, if you just spent all morning on a crossword puzzle, then be aware that your willpower’s going to be a little bit weaker, that especially these rational faculties of the brain are very limited in capacity.”

So this is why I so discombobulated. Seriously, like my brain is full. After dealing with laundry, packing lunch boxes, paying bills, minipreps…no wonder it is so difficult to decide whether to have ice-cream or fruit…Thank goodness we are all out of ice-cream. The decision has been made for me. Fruit it is!

Knowledge is power. Isn’t that what they say?

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