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“It’s a daddy card!”

Big T has been saying some really funny things lately. Also, he is expanding his palate. I know, 2 random thoughts in the same paragraph 🙂


Yesterday, he ate yogurt. Yogurt. Seriously, he ate yogurt. We went down the yogurt road a couple of years ago. It did not go well, and I wasted a bunch of money. So, I still cannot believe that he actually ate yogurt. Not only did he eat yogurt, he ASKED for it. I did not offer it.  And he liked it. No. In fact, he loved it. He said (and I quote) “I don’t like yogurt, I LOVE it”

Now he also likes chocolate chip cookies (apparently they are his favorite), he likes pears (uh-huh, the fresh fruit), rice krispie treats, and carrots.  My little boy now eats more that 8 things. That palate. It is e.x.p.a.n.d.i.n.g!

Regarding the title of this post, I was cracking up so much when Big T said this. It’s amazing how his mind works.  He was going through Mr. T’s wallet, and found his driver’s license.  He exclaimed “It’s a Daddy card!” SO CUTE!

<I wonder if a daddy card is kind of like a man card?>

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“I’m not hungreee…”

I may have mentioned once or twice that I have the pickiest eater in the entire world. THE PICKIEST. Lately he has decided he no longer eats rice. He loves loved rice. What’s a mom to do? I cannot force-feed him. I kind of tried. A little. It didn’t work.

Here are the things Big T will eat:


chicken (only nugget-style)


mandarin oranges





M&Ms (oh, these are not food? oh…)

Foods he will not touch



veggies (unless hidden in other foods)

most fruits




And sometimes he will eat…




mashed potatoes

bread (not toasted, with lots of butter)



“I don’t want the veggies on it!”

Lunchtime wars.

Today it was over pasta with meat sauce and diced tomatoes. Big T picked every bit of tomato and ground beef off each piece of bowtie pasta before he ate it. All the while complaining about the “vejzhies” on it.

At least he pronounces it all sophisticated. “Vejzhies”. Like he’s French or something. One day…one day…he will learn to love them, right?


I also have a love/hate relationship with veggies. I know they are good for me, and most taste great when done right. But it is so much easier to be lazy. I am hoping my New Year’s Resolution of eating more veggies will stick this time. And hopefully lead to other good things like drinking more water, exercising more, losing 15 pounds, working harder on my experiments, discovering the cure for AIDS…

Ok, so I got ahead of myself there. But you know what they say…One good habit leads to another…

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“I want noodles and sausage”

Yep. An odd combination. Ramen noodles and breakfast sausage. But Big T loves it. I try not to use the seasoning packets that comes with the ramen…instead I use chicken broth. For the record, I DO NOT like ramen noodles. Never have. Not even when I was in college (everyone seemed to like it then). I just wish Big T would actually eat some of the things I make.

I have been doing a lot of cooking lately. I made deviled eggs the other day. They were delicious.

Then I made shrimp pasta salad. mmmmm.

But my most recent food kick is butternut squash. How come nobody told me about this veggie? It is delicious. I had some at the in-laws on Christmas day. yummmmmm. I will be trying some things with squash in the days to come 🙂



I am baaack! Back home, that is. And all I got from Big T was “hey”. A very unenthusiastic welcome. But I hugged him and I know he missed me. They all did. Little T’s face lit up in a HUGE smile when he saw me. 🙂 I must add, Mr. T held down the fort fabulously.

International Conference was fun. Swanky Tropical Resort was both swanky and tropical.

St Martin

The beach was a topless beach (in that you could be topless if you wanted. This was a first for me and it was not my cup of tea). Everything was super-duper pricey, and the location was pretty.

One thing though…the food left a lot to be desired. Here’s a list of top 10 things I did not like (foodwise) about this past week:

10. The butter for rolls was unsalted. eh.

9. While we are on the topic, the rolls/breads were not always fresh.

8. That was not papaya they had. That was cantaloupe. SO not the same thing.

7. Fish was always over-cooked. chewy.

6. Cold chicken. Really? People like that? Really??

5. Soggy french toast. It was ewwww.

4. This one time, I had raw bacon.

3. Dinner was served at 8pm daily (LATE!!!)

2. There we no snacks between 12:30pm lunch and 8pm dinner. Maybe they put on into starvation mode so that we would not notice how bad some of the food was.

1. The polenta with truffles. It was truly awful. I am still gagging.

Now the good:

10. The fruit punch. It was actually very good.

9. Their coffee and teas. Oh and they had evian water as their bottled water of choice. I am an aquafina girl myself. But evian is good too.

8. Fancy jams and jellies – guava, tamarind, mango…

7. Fancy tropical juices too – passionfruit, guava…

6. Rum punch on the beach.

5. The rotini with pesto and arugula was a pleasant surprise.

4. Fat little breakfast sausages.

3. Rum punch at check-in.

2. Being waited on by a very attentive french-speaking wait-staff. It is just sexier to be waited on in French. Oui, madame…

1. Fried plantains. FOR BREAKFAST. It was magnificent.

I missed my family so much though. In fact, anytime I saw other children I stared at them longingly cause I missed mine so much. The meeting itself was fun, and I made a lot of good contacts. I also got great feedback on my talk. so I guess it was worth it.

One last thing: I had enough time to read a book by the author Malla Nunn – A Beautiful Place to Die. It was hard for me to put it down, and I read it in 2 days. If you like murder mysteries with lots of historical info thrown in, you’ll probably love this one. It’s set in 1952 South Africa, not exactly a comfortable, happy time in SA. Check it out.

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