I didn’t even know where to begin on this one.

One of the aunties sent Big T a talking Birthday card. When you open it, the card says something like

“pirate’s booty!!!!…everyone wants some of your booty, but your booty is only for you…”

Perhaps the Auntie did not fully realize that my 4 year old would listen to the card over and over and over again. And ask questions about pirates and booty. Or maybe she did. And sent it anyway.

Anyway, If I would have answered Big T’s question, here’s the definition of “pirate’s booty” I would have given:

“The stuff that a pirate steals from other ships and keeps for himself” (then I would have immediately followed that with a reminder/disclaimer: “stealing is bad. A Very Very naught thing to do, and you must never do it”)

Logically, the next question would have been: “what’s a pirate?”

And I would have said: “A pirate is an outlaw that sails the high seas, taking over other ships

And Big T would have asked: “what’s an outlaw?” or maybe he would have said “what’s the high seas?”

Since I anticipated the possibility of this line of questioning, I distracted him with jelly beans, and never did answer the very first question. But if he asks again…

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